Ph.D. in Evolution of Ecosystems and their Protection

The main focus of the program is understanding of the historical development of ecosystems before significant disturbances caused by human activities. The program accentuates a palaeological approach that corresponds very well with methods of a recent ecological research. The combination of both approaches allows recognizing the extent of the damage, the speed of their changes, and the resilience and recovery of ecosystems, too. This information is an important starting point for modern approaches in the nature conservation, which is the second area of the study program.

The graduate study comprises two parts: a study part and a research part. A plan of the study is prepared by the supervisor and should be approved by a committee.

Profile of a graduate

The program aims at deepening and broadening knowledge and skills in the field of ecology, palaeology and conservation biology. A graduate should be able to use the method for obtaining data in the laboratory and in the field and to use modern statistical methods and GIS tools. He has the skills necessary to work in a modern laboratory. He is able to achieve the original research results and present them to the scientific community in the form of publications and outputs on conferences and any professional events. He is able to apply theoretical knowledge in practice in the assessment of changes in ecosystems and can predict their future development. He is able to specify the nature conservation priorities and solve current problems in the biological diversity protection. A graduate has skills for teaching courses at the undergraduate level.

A graduate can easily adapt to fields where ecology and biology conservation are applied.

Requirements on applicants

An applicant is required to have completed the Master-degree in ecology, biology, and paleontology. Masters in other subjects are considered on case-by-case basis. All applicants have to pass an entrance exam. The exam committee is appointed by the Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences. Supervisor of a prospective graduate student is a member of the exam committee.

Characteristics of the study program

  • Study field: 4.3.5 Synecology
  • Duration of study: 4 years internal form (5 years external form)
  • Guarantor of the program: Prof. Peter Bitušík, Ph.D. (Department of Biology and Ecology, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Matej Bel University)
  • Fees: 4000€ per ac. year (Fee does not cover living expenses at the place. Students may apply for accommodation at the dormitories of Matej Bel University)


Entry Requirements

Submit an electronic application and send the signed application with attachments by post:

Your application should be sent till 28 April, later deadline is acceptable after approval.

Program taught in:
  • English

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This course is Campus based
Start Date
4 years
4,000 EUR
per year
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