Metropolitan University Prague (MUP), in cooperation with the Institute of International Relations in Prague (IIR) within the scope of the international Territorial Studies programme, offers doctoral Degree study specialization of International Relations and European Studies in both Czech and English.

Doctoral Degree students are required to prepare, upon consultation with their supervisor, an individual study plan. The individual study plan stipulates the requirements students must meet in the course of their Doctoral Degree studies. The individual study plan contains a list of selected courses of the specialization, the schedule of the Doctoral Degree programme, the plan of scientific, pedagogic, and publishing activities of the student, as well as a suggested title for their Doctoral thesis.

The individual study plan also engages doctoral students in the research activities of the relevant MUP department and/or IIR. Students of the full-time form of study are also required, according to the individual study plan, to engage in pedagogic activities. The individual study plan must contain all obligatory courses of Section Iof the following list of courses:

Section I

  • Philosophy of Social Sciences
  • International Relations and European Integration Theory
  • International Relations Research Methods

In addition to the compulsory courses of the first section, students must choose their ‘free-choice’ specialization courses. Students choose three courses in total, at least one from each of the following sections:

Section II (international relations)

  • International Security
  • International Relations and Cultural Diversity
  • Theories of Conflict Resolution

Section III (European integration)

  • The Institutional Structure and Decision
  • European Union Policies
  • Current Issues of the European Integration Process

Doctoral Degree students may further choose ‘free-choice’ language courses, which are completed by an examination. This is in regard to the following courses:

  • Style and structure of technical language – English
  • Style and structure of technical language – another foreign language (German, French, Spanish, Russian and Czech)

All admitted applicants are entitled to enroll in the first year of study. In order to enroll in the second year of study, students must complete all first-section courses, meet further requirements stated in the individual study plan, and present written proof of their research activities.

In order to enroll in the third year of study, students must complete examinations stated in their individual study plan, comply with further assigned tasks and present written proof of the results of their research activities. In exceptional cases, it is possible to allow conditional enrolment to the subsequent year of study.

Program taught in:
  • English
This course is Campus based
Start Date
3 years
1,006 EUR
possibility to win full scholarship
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