PhD in International Relations


Program Description

The Ph.D. Program in International Relations provides a rigorous approach to the study of global affairs with a particular emphasis on security and regional studies. Students are expected to develop substantive knowledge, theoretical perspectives and methodological skills necessary for conducting research and teaching in their field.

The Language of instruction is English.

Why at Kadir Has University?

The Ph.D. Program in International Relations is geared toward preparing students for a number of careers such as academics, and policy specialists in the government; media; business; and research sectors. Candidates will benefit from the knowledge and expertise of a distinguished faculty with particular expertise in International Relations Theory, Turkish Foreign Policy, International Security, the EU’s external policies, International Political Economy, and regional expertise on the Middle East, Europe, Eurasia, and the United States.


Compulsory Courses

  • IR 612 Current Debates in International Relations Theory (3 KHAS credits)
  • IR 613 Comparative Regional Studies (3 KHAS credits)
  • IR 614 Evolution of Strategic Thought (3 KHAS credits)
  • SBE 698 Graduate Seminar (0 credits)
  • SBE 699 Thesis (0 credits)

Elective Courses

  • IR 611 Comparative Political Studies (3 KHAS credits)
  • IR 615 Advanced Readings in Turkish Foreign Policy (3 KHAS credits)
  • IR 616 Research and Reading in International Relations (3 KHAS credits)
  • IR 625 European Integration Studies (3 KHAS credits)
  • IR 642 The EU's Neighborhood Policy (3 KHAS credits)
  • IR 644 Studies of Globalisation (3 KHAS credits)
  • IR 645 Energy Politics (3 KHAS credits)
  • IR 646 The Geopolitics of Eurasia (3 KHAS credits)
  • IR 647 Issues in US Foreign Policy (3 KHAS credits)
  • IR 648 Advanced Readings in the Politics of The Middle East (3 KHAS credits)
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