PhD in Mathematics


Program Description

The Einstein Institute of Mathematics at The Hebrew University welcomes applications by excellent international students to the Ph.D. program. The program aims to train the top tier of future mathematicians and offers a uniquely attractive environment to learn and work, with weekly seminars, frequent special lecture series on current topics in mathematics, and scientific exchange with visiting researchers from Israel and around the world, as well as state-of-the-art thematic years and workshops organized by the nearby Israel Institute of Advanced Studies.


Program structure

The program requirements are the same as for Israeli students, including:

  • Courses totaling 12 credit points over the course of the degree (each credit point is roughly 1 hour per week for a semester-long course). Advanced courses will be offered in English.
  • Research thesis (to be submitted close to the end of the degree).

In addition, the studies will follow certain procedures specified by the research authority. Specifically, a scientific committee will be appointed to follow the progress of the student, consisting of the advisor and two external experts. Within the first 18 months of study, the student will submit a research proposal and present it to the committee. Later in the degree, the student will present a progress report to the committee, and finally, the outcome of the research will be presented in a departmental seminar setting. Once the thesis is submitted it is evaluated by the advisor and two external experts. 


Applications may be submitted at any time, but it is recommended that applications to start in the fall semester be submitted by January 31 of the preceding academic year. Applications submitted later will be considered on a case by case basis.

Applications should be sent by email. Please ensure that the subject line has the form "Application letter for Last Name, First Name". The email should include:

  • CV.
  • Official transcripts from your master's degree.
  • Statement of Research Interests (2 pages max). This should not be a research proposal, but more a statement of the student's interests and the state of his/her knowledge of them. 
  • Names of three potential advisors from our department to help evaluate the candidate (this proposal is not binding and if accepted, the student may work with other faculty members). The student should emphasize in their statement of research interests how the proposed research relates to the suggested potential advisors.

In addition, your application should include:

  • Two or more recommendation letters. The writers of the letters should send them directly to the mail above (they should not be sent by the applicant!), with the subject line "Recommendation letter for Last Name, First Name". We encourage you to solicit a letter from someone who has interacted with our department before.

Financial support

Students accepted to the program will receive:

  • Scholarship (with a supplement for families).
  • Full tuition support.
  • Support towards housing expenses.
  • Local health insurance.
  • Support for travel to/from Israel.

Subject to compliance with the academic requirements, the support will be provided for three years. There is a possibility to extend the support for the fourth year according to academic criteria.

Last updated Nov 2020

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The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is consistently ranked as the top university in Israel and among the top 100, worldwide. In addition, The University was ranked the top Israeli university and 201-20 ... Read More

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is consistently ranked as the top university in Israel and among the top 100, worldwide. In addition, The University was ranked the top Israeli university and 201-205 best out of the top 800 institutions in the 2016-17 Times Higher Education World University Rankings, published by the British magazine Times Higher Education. HUJI was the only Israeli university to place in the world’s top 200 universities in the rankings. Read less