Mechanical Engineering (080200)

Program Introduction

The predecessor of the Mechanical Engineering in China University of Petroleum is the original discipline of petroleum mechanical engineering founded in 1952 at the department of petroleum engineering in Tsinghua University, which is the earliest established oil field mechanical discipline. The program began to recruit graduate students in 1961 and was authorized to award master's degree in 1981. It was approved as the first domestic doctoral program of petroleum mechanical engineering in 1986, the China Petroleum and Natural Gas Corporation ministerial key discipline in 1996, Beijing key discipline in 2002 as well as the postdoctoral mobile station of mechanical engineering in 2009 and was authorized to award first-level Ph.D. degree of mechanical engineering in 2011. The major of mechanical design, manufacturing, and automation was awarded characteristic specialty and national characteristic specialty of Beijing in 2008 and 2009 respectively. The program is always at the forefront of oil and gas equipment and technology research. It has developed basic theories and application technologies on the discipline of oil and gas mechanical engineering and has built up a high-level academic team with international influence, strength, and echelon of talents.

The program has four research laboratories, including "Tribology and Failure Analysis Laboratory", "Offshore Oil and Gas Equipment Laboratory", "Oil and Gas Equipment Control and Testing Laboratory" and "Renewable Energy Equipment Manufacturing Laboratory". At the same time, the program strengthens research cooperation with enterprises, for example, the "Offshore Oil Drilling Equipment Joint Experiment Center" co-built with the COSL, the "Oil and Gas Energy-Saving Technology Research Center" co-built with the CNPC Energy Saving Detection Center, the "Oil Equipment Joint Laboratory" co-built with Beijing Dun Hua Petroleum Technology Ltd., and the "Jianhu Petroleum Equipment Research and Development Center" co-built with Jianhu county of Jiangsu province. In recent years, the program has been further improved with more sophisticated and advanced teaching and research infrastructures, resulting in significant improvement in personnel training quality, scientific research and innovation abilities, and social service levels. A number of achievements have been made in scientific research and personal training areas, which make the program an important research and high-level personnel training base of oil and gas machinery and equipment with basic facilities, conditions and abilities carry out a cutting-edge research project and solve a major engineering problem.


The graduates are required to:

1. conscientiously study Marxism basic principle; establish a correct outlook on life; adhere to the basic line of the Party; love the motherland; abide by the law; serve for socialist development actively;

2. have a rigorous academic attitude, excellent scientific and academic ethics; master the firm and broad basic theories as well as systematic and thorough expertise; have academic innovation capability, pioneering spirit and the ability of independently engaging in high-level scientific research in the subject area; have academic vision; be familiar with basic theories and knowledge of related disciplines; be good at interdisciplinary;

3. master at least one foreign language skillfully; be proficient in reading foreign literature, writing professional papers, and performing international academic exchanges.

Research Areas

1. Mechanical Design and Theory

2. Mechatronic Engineering

3. Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation

4. Offshore Oil and Gas Equipment Design and Theory

5. Robotics

Program Length

Three years.


Credits: total credits ≥16, maximum ≤22.

Public Basic courses
  • Chinese Language
  • Introduction to China
Major Required Courses
  • Mechanical Engineering Innovation and Practice
  • Oil and Natural Gas Mechanical Engineering Frontier
  • Optimization Methods
Required Procedure
  • Literature Review and Proposal
Elective Courses
  • Machinery Dynamics
  • Principles of Tribology
  • Mechanical Optimization Design
  • Structure Mechanics of Offshore Engineering
  • Subsea Production System and Engineering
  • Mechanical Fault Diagnosis

Note: Students are able to choose elective courses in other programs according to supervisor’s advice.


Please follow the relevant regulation of China University of Petroleum-Beijing.

Program taught in:
  • English
  • Chinese

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Sep 2019
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Sep 2019
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Sep 2019

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