PhD in Nuclear Energy Science and Engineering


Program Description

Doctor Degree in Nuclear Energy Science and Engineering

This Nuclear Energy Science and Engineering specialty was founded in 2000. At present, it has a teacher staff consisting of 7 professors in 6 research fields, that including Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) Performance, Safety and Reliability of NPP, Control and Test of NPP, NPP Operation and Simulation, NPP Equipments and Thermo-hydraulics of Nuclear Reactor.

The aim of this specialty is training the graduate students to be the high-level professional talents, mastery of the basic theory about Engineering Thermo-physics and Nuclear Energy Engineering, in the fields such as research, design, manufacture, operation, and management of nuclear power engineering. The main courses included ……, and so on.

Research Fields

(1)Nuclear Power Plant Performance
(2)Safety and Reliability of Nuclear Power Plant
(3)Control and Test of Nuclear Power Plant
(4)Nuclear Power Plant Operation and Simulation
(5)Nuclear Power Plant Equipments
(6)Thermal-hydraulics of Nuclear Reactor


Degree Courses

  • Chinese
  • General Survey of China
  • Real analysis
  • Higher reactor physics
  • Nuclear power safety
  • Two-phase flow
  • Large-scale system theory
  • Natural circulation and heat transfer
  • Nuclear reactor design

Compulsory Courses

  • Comprehensive exam
  • Academic report
  • Academic activity
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About the School

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