PhD in Operations and Management Science

Washington State University Carson College of Business

Program Description

PhD in Operations and Management Science

Washington State University Carson College of Business

Program Requirements

1a. General Competency

Per CCB requirements, candidates must have a minimum admission index score of 1250 to enter the Ph.D. program (index scores are calculated by taking the GMAT score plus 200 x GPA.) and a TOEFL of 580 for ESL students. Most successful applicants to our program have had a minimum of

w Bachelor’s degree from a four-year accredited university

w 3.25 GPA

w 600 GMAT score

Also, it is expected that students entering the doctoral program will possess competencies in math, business (accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing, operation’s management), computer skills and have a good command of the English language. If the student is deficient in any of these areas, additional course work and preparation (beyond the major course of study) may be required. The student’s committee will determine those requirements.

1b. Progress

Per CCB requirements, students should have

w formed a Program Committee by the end of the 2nd semester

w produced a second-year paper by the end of the 4th semester

w taken written field exams by the end of the 5th semester (but no earlier than the 4th)

w taken the oral part exam by the end of the 5th semester (after taking and passing the written filed exam)

w formed a Dissertation Committee by the end of the 5th semester

w defended a dissertation proposal (as approved by the Dissertation Committee) by the end of the 6th semester

w defended the dissertation by the end of the 8th semester

w passed the English Competency exam by the end of the 2nd semester (ESL TAs only)

1c. College-Wide Colloquium

Students will take the 1-credit College-wide Professional Development colloquium (MgtOp 598.2) during their first semester.

2a. Research Tool Requirements (12 credit hours)

Math 464—Linear Optimization

Math 516—Simulation Methods

Stat 443—Applied Probability

Stat 556—Introduction to Statistical Theory

2b. Major Field Requirements (15 credit hours) Required Courses:

MgtOp 596—Doctoral Topics I

MgtOp 596—Doctoral Topics II

Choose at Least Three of the Following, Depending on Background and Research Interest:

Bus 596—Research Methods

EconS 501—Economic Theory II: Microeconomic Theory

EconS 510—Statistics for Economists

EconS 511—Econometrics I

EconS 512—Econometrics II

Math 540—Applied Mathematics I

Math 541—Applied Mathematics II

Math 543—Approximation Theory

Math 544—Advanced Matrix Computations

Math 548—Numerical Analysis

Math 553—Graph Theory

Math 555—Topics in Combinatorics

Math 564—Nonlinear Optimization I

Math 565—Nonlinear Optimization II

Math 566—Optimization in Networks

Math 567—Integer and Combinatorial Optimization

Math 574—Topics in Optimization

MgtOp 516—Time Series

MgtOp 519—Applied Multivariate Analysis

MgtOp 596—Doctoral Topics III

Stat 507—Experimental Design

Stat 512—Analysis of Variance of Designed Experiments

Stat 514—Nonparametric Statistics

Stat 520—Statistical Analysis of Qualitative Data

Stat 530—Applied Linear Models

Stat 533—Theory of Linear Models

Stat 536—Statistical Computing

Stat 544—Applied Stochastic Processes

Stat 548—Statistical Theory I

Stat 549—Statistical Theory II

Stat 572—Quality Control

Stat 573—Reliability

2c. Supporting Field Requirements (15 credit hours)

Program requirements in supporting fields are to be selected from one or more related areas. A minimum of 15 credit hours of graded coursework approved for graduate credit must be designated and approved by the student’s Ph.D. committee.

2d. Additional Ph.D. Coursework Requirements (Minimum 6 Credit Hours)

All Ph.D. candidates must complete the above requirements plus an additional six credit hours. These additional credits can be designated classes or specific study credits (independent readings) when approved by the student’s Ph.D. committee. They can also include College and Department colloquium credits.

2e. Ph.D. Research Credit Requirements (Minimum of 24 Credits)

In addition to the research tool and field requirements, the Ph.D. in Business requires an additional body of research credits in preparation and development of the final dissertation. A minimum of 24 (800-level) research credits hours is required.

2f. Qualifying Exam

In addition to the CCB progress requirements, students are required to pass a qualifying exam. The exam is typically taken in June after the first year of study. Only one retake is allowed, typically in the subsequent August.

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