PhD in Philosophy


Program Description

The Doctorate program aims to train researchers in philosophy that from a solid knowledge of the tradition and the current philosophical are capable of performing competently in some of the following tasks: interpret and rigorously analyze the historical philosophical thinking in some of its themes , authors and eras; contribute to the development of contemporary philosophical debates; to be participants in the discussions about those problems proper to our social and historical reality; directing philosophical research projects; be part of interdisciplinary research teams; train new researchers in philosophy or related areas.

General information

  • Conference: The Doctorate requires a full-time dedication.
  • Face-to-face modality.
  • Granting title: Doctor of Philosophy.
  • Estimated duration: The program has a minimum duration of six (6) semesters.
  • Year of initiation: 1988
  • SNIES: 1037
  • Qualified registry resolution: 133 of January 3, 2014, valid until January 3, 2021.
  • Registration fee: $ 12,896,000 / Semester *
  • Type of training: Postgraduate
  • Place where it is offered: Bogotá

* The registration value corresponds to the cost per period fixed for the year 2019.


The PhD in Philosophy lasts for at least six (6) academic semesters, with full-time dedication. The preparation of the thesis requires the presentation and prior approval of a thesis project.

The program requires the development of three types of research activities: seminars (12 credits); directed research or other equivalent activities (10 credits); planning, elaboration and defense of the doctoral thesis (30 credits). This is the minimum requirement of the program, but according to the opinion of the director of the thesis, the Faculty may require a greater number of courses, seminars or other academic activities deemed necessary for the adequate preparation of the thesis.

  • The seminars are group academic activities that have the essential function of training the student in the methods of analysis, in the practice of the discussion and in the elaboration of reports and summaries with methodological rigor. It constitutes an exercise in personal and rigorous thinking and in the faithful and methodical exposition of the thought.
  • The directed research consists in the first exploration of a topic (both in its most important approaches and in its bibliographic and methodological aspects), according to some of the possible models of research practice in philosophy. It is an individual work of the student under the immediate and assiduous direction of the teacher.

The doctoral thesis is the core of this Doctorate program. It must be a philosophical investigation that shows the intellectual maturity, the methodological rigor and the capacity of disciplinary contribution of the student.

Profile of the applicant

The PhD in Philosophy is aimed at people who have a level of philosophical maturity equivalent to that provided by the Master's program of this Faculty. However, to enter the Doctorate is not required to have completed the program or have a Master's Degree in Philosophy or any other discipline.

Graduate profile

The Doctor in Philosophy, from a solid knowledge of the philosophical tradition and present, will be able to formulate and develop research projects capable of making a contribution to the discipline.

Graduate bandages

Due to the strength of the professorial body, the Doctorate offers a formative experience with a personal, expert and constant accompaniment that will allow students to develop their theoretical interests with the utmost rigor. Additionally, the program is characterized by its thematic diversity and the vocation of dialogue between the great currents and philosophical traditions.


Registration requirements

  • Academic curriculum vitae (university studies, degrees obtained, intellectual production, professional practices, knowledge of languages and other activities in the research area).
  • Registration form duly completed with photo.
  • Photocopy of a professional or academic university degree, equivalent to or higher than the first university degree in philosophy.
  • Photocopy of the qualifications corresponding to the presented title.
  • Photocopy of the Certificate extended to 150%
  • A text of a thousand words (three pages to space and a half) in which the applicant explains the reasons that led him to apply for admission to this program.
  • Submit an essay of maximum 3,000 words (9 pages) on a philosophical subject that demonstrates the academic competence of the student.
  • The documents must be delivered to the Admissions and Registration Office and send a digital copy to

Admission process

Once the registration has been made, the candidates will be summoned to:

  • Present a comprehension exam of philosophical texts in a modern language different from Spanish (English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese). This exam is taken at the Faculty of Philosophy and its approval is a necessary condition for admission.
  • Present an interview with professors of the Faculty.

The decision of which candidates are admitted to the program is made by the Dean of the Faculty, after hearing the opinion of the Admissions Committee. In some cases, those admitted may be asked to take additional seminars or meet other academic requirements.

Last updated Mar 2020

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