PhD in Progressive Materials and Material Design

Slovak Academy of Sciences, Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics

Program Description

PhD in Progressive Materials and Material Design

Slovak Academy of Sciences, Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics

Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics Slovak Academy of Sciences belongs to a group of institutions founded by the Slovak Academy of Sciences. It has been founded in 1980 as a result of the fusion of the Institute of Metallic Materials SAS (founded in 1953) and the Institute of Machine Mechanics SAS (founded in 1956).

Mission and vision

Mankind permanently dreams the dream of faster, lighter and more energy efficient devices that would make life easier or simply be more environmentally friendly. One necessary thing for the fulfillment of this dream is the development of new materials.

The mission of the Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics SAS is the research and development of new advanced materials based on non-ferrous metals and solving of wide range of related issues - from the development of special technology of new materials, through exploring and characterizing their internal structure, to the analytical and numerical modeling a simulation of the properties.

The mission of the Institute involves three key dimensions:

  • research aimed at increasing the level of knowledge - an investigative dimension,
  • research bringing recognizable benefits to society - social dimension,
  • research contributing to the world to become increasingly a better place for life - the environmental dimension.

The vision of the Institute is to complete and strengthen its position as an excellent national non-university public research institution, carrying out a cutting-edge research in the field of non-ferrous metal materials, opened to new scientific problems and civilizational challenges. The Institute sees its future in an institution that flexibly gains and creatively applies gained knowledge in innovative solutions that bring benefits to society.

The Institute focuses on material research, which is in the world one of the key factors of technology development. This Institute's focus establishes an excellent basic condition for its development.

The research in the Institute's scope necessarily exceeds the boundaries and possibilities of Slovakia as a relatively small country and it can be carried out only in an international context. This includes the meaning of the research its funding and the application of its results. Therefore the Institute sees its future only in an institution that not only keeps up with the world but is also excellent on a global scale in selected special topics of research.

The Institute can fulfill this vision only in such a way that it will grow also quantitatively. Therefore, the Institute sees its future in growing employment of top experts from home and the world.

Doctoral study

Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics is an external educational institution for doctoral (Ph.D.) study in study programme:

  • Progressive materials and material design, study field 5.2.26 Materials (in cooperation with the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Faculty of material science and technology in Trnava)

Graduates can apply for Ph.D. study. Foreign university diplomas must be recognized by Slovak authority as equivalent to diplomas of Slovak second degree of university education (master degree).

The study has the full-time form (duration 4 years) or an external form (duration 5 years).

A condition for admission is an entrance exam consisting of professional and theoretical dispute on the topic of dissertation thesis and written test in a foreign language.

During the full-time study, a doctoral student has a scholarship on the pay level of the university graduate at starting position in state service.

We can provide accommodation for full-time doctoral students.

Doctoral study admission procedure 2017/2018 (closed)

  • More information about dissertation topic will be given by respective supervisor.
  • Information about Ph.D. applicant admission and application form for study in study field 5.2.26 Materials are published on the website of Faculty of material science and technology STU. The application is to be sent to its address.
  • In case of any questions, do not hesitate to contact the scientific secretary of our institute Ing. Ján Košút, Ph.D.

Note: According to Slovak legislation, a Ph.D. study in Slovakia may be provided by universities, only. Research institutions may participate in Ph.D. study programmes of universities as external educational institutions. Ph.D. study programmes consist of study and scientific parts. When a research institution participates in a study programme of a university, the complete scientific part of the study programme is performed in the research institution. The research institution must be accredited for participation in a study programme by Ministry of Education.

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