The Doctoral program Semiotics and Communications Philosophy provides the demanding training necessary for qualified philosophical and semiotic research into communication, its evolution, changes and relationships with other social spheres. The field of study is interdisciplinary. The intent is to study communication strategies, their social assumptions, and their effects. The field is conceived theoretically but the graduate may also have access to practical processes because it helps to better understand the role of semiosis in the process of mass media communication. Students are encouraged to build on the traditional lines of exploration of both world and Czech semiotics and communication philosophy to acquire the latest theoretical knowledge and to develop them creatively.

Description of verification and evaluation criteria

During the entrance examination, the candidate must demonstrate a clear research interest in the philosophy and semiotics of communication, knowledge of theoretical approaches and relevant methodologies. He/she should be able to present a specific problem he/she wants to study.

The oral part of the entrance examination consists of a discussion on the dissertation project (max. 20 points) and the verification of foreign language skills - part of the debate will take place in the chosen language(selection of languages: AJ, NJ, FJ, I) (maximum 10 points).

An applicant who obtains less than 10 points from the assessment of the dissertation project cannot be accepted.

The application includes the following attachments:

  • the dissertation project including the research questions and a list of appropriate literature;
  • a list of professional publications;
  • a structured Curriculum Vitae.

Conditions for admission

Admission to Doctoral studies is conditioned by successful completion of a Master's study program.

Verification method: entrance exam
Confirmation date (of entrance exam) from: 03.06.2019 until: 14.06.2019
Alternative date (of entrance exam) from: 20.06.2019 until: 25.06.2019

Career Prospect

The graduate of the doctoral study program Semiotics and Philosophy of Communication is a qualified specialist endowed with a deep understanding of theoretical approaches in communicational strategies, relevant analytical skills and solid knowledge of actual philosophic and semiotic research of the process of communication. The study program provides necessary qualification to those willing to work in basic and applied research in institutes and universities of the given thematic orientation. The graduates are also well prepared to occupy critic, conceptual and creative positions and are qualified to work at such positions in an academic or mass medial sphere where familiarity with semiotics and theory of communication is an indispensable asset.

Program taught in:
  • French
  • English (US)

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Last updated January 9, 2019
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