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Program Description

The Melton Centre at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is a vibrant academic community, characterized by its intellectual effervescence, its pluralistic approach, and its commitment to the sustainability of Jewish culture and heritage through diverse forms of education.

As Israel’s first Centre for Jewish Education, the Melton Centre’s mission is to develop cutting edge research, to educate future leaders, and to nurture future generations of outstanding scholars and practitioners in all fields and forms of Jewish education.

The Melton Centre is an inclusive, diverse, and egalitarian academic body, where empirical and theoretical knowledge is developed and applied for the benefit of Jewish communities around the world. The Melton Centre, through its educational activities, is committed to the encouragement of vital contacts between diverse Jewish ideologies and religious streams, while at the same time cultivating relations with other world civilizations.

The Melton Centre is a full participant in the international scientific and scholarly educational network. It measures itself by international standards and strives to be counted among the best educational research centers worldwide. The Melton Centre discovers and creates new knowledge and disseminates it for the benefit of the Jewish people and other groups and societies concerned with the promotion and sustainability of their particular cultures.

The activities of the Melton Centre are emblematic of the Hebrew University’s aspiration to encourage excellence and to foster elite programs, thereby maximizing the Hebrew University’s international visibility and exposure in the academic world and in the wider community.

The Melton Centre offers a Ph.D. program in Jewish Education. Graduates of the program have substantially contributed to the knowledge base of the field and are to be found in influential academic and educational positions in Israel and throughout the world.

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The doctoral program at the Hebrew University, in general, is concerned with the writing of substantial dissertations which makes contributes new knowledge and concepts to a given field of study. The supervisor and the doctoral student’s advisory committee determines what supplementary courses a candidate must take. The minimum course requirement is 12 credits which are 12 semester hours. The vast majority of a candidate’s efforts are dedicated to planning, carrying out, and describing the research in a dissertation.

Initial Admission Requirements

Doctoral studies are intended for students who have completed their Masters's degree with a thesis and have received grades the following Hebrew University grades or their equivalents at other institutions of higher learning: Thesis: 90; GPA: 90. Application is reviewed by an internal research committee of the Centre before they are submitted to the Authority for Research Students.

Graduates of foreign universities must submit written proof that they have achieved a standard of excellence in their thesis and course work. In addition, they must submit their candidacy to a committee at the Authority for Research Students.

Selecting a Supervisor

Before registering, doctoral candidates in Jewish Education are expected to find a supervisor from among the faculty members of the Melton Centre for Jewish Education. Finding a supervisor is the responsibility of the candidate. The supervisor’s agreement to work with the student is required prior to registration.

Time Frame

A maximum of two years may be devoted to forming the theoretical foundation of the research and preparing the research plan (Stage 1). At the end of Stage 1, the student must submit a research proposal to be approved by the supervisor and the advisory committee. An additional three years are then allotted for the research itself and for writing the dissertation (Stage 2). Thus, the entire program consists of a total of up to five years, with the possibility of one additional year.

Candidates with a Masters from another Department or Institution

Candidates from other departments or universities are required, when applying (see Registration below), to include two letters of recommendation from academic lecturers that indicate that the candidate has sufficient qualifications to carry out doctoral research. Those with a masters’ degree and thesis (with honors) from branches of foreign universities in Israel, must, after finding a potential supervisor, submit their candidacy to a university committee at the Authority for Research Students which evaluates degrees.

Students Who Completed their Masters’ Studies without a Thesis

Those who completed a non-research track cannot register as a doctoral student at the Melton Centre. In exceptional circumstances, such students have the option of registering as “special students” with the office for Masters’ Studies of the Faculty of Humanities and finding a supervisor for their master's equivalent thesis. Only after completing this thesis with the required grade will they be permitted to submit their candidacy for doctoral studies.


After finding a potential supervisor, candidates should apply for doctoral studies at the Melton Centre.

Tuition Fees

Doctoral students must pay 40% tuition in their first and second years and 10% in each of the following years until the dissertation is submitted.


The Melton Centre grants a limited number of scholarships to outstanding doctoral students and may allocate funds to students who have submitted a doctoral research proposal (Stage 2) in order to cover research expenses. The number and size of the scholarships vary from year to year in accordance with budgetary circumstances. Departmental scholarships are decided upon by an internal committee for doctoral students of the Melton Centre, chaired by the Director of the Centre.

Last updated Oct 2020

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