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If you’d like to become an expert in your area of study, consider pursuing a PhD after you’ve completed your master’s degree. Earning your PhD generally takes three to four years and will often open up high-level career options in your field.

What is a PhD in Equine Studies? A PhD in Equine Studies will allow you to fully indulge your interest in horses by going through a rigorous degree plan. If you’ve always dreamed of being an authority on equine nutrition and genetics, this program is for you. A PhD in Equine Studies can provide an in-depth look at horse biology and medicine, the technologies for assisted equine reproduction and other aspects of equine science. You can expect to take classes such as Equestrian Exercise Physiology and Equine Marketing and Development.

To become an equine nutritionist or to enter a related field, you must possess a PhD in Equine Studies. These highly specialized careers require years of education and training. The equine industry is a multi-billion dollar enterprise, and with a higher level of education, you are more likely to get the kind of job that you want.

Each school offers a different type of equine studies program, and the prices will vary widely. Contact your school of choice directly to get an accurate overview of the cost of tuition.

With a PhD in Equine Studies, you can expect to have an exciting and interesting career with amazing animals. Depending on your specific field of study, you might become a nutritionist for a racehorse barn, or teach equine science classes at a university. If you go the veterinarian route, you can save horses’ lives by specializing in lameness or surgery. Other career options include equine communications and journalism, as well as horse training for the entertainment industry.

Getting your PhD in Equine Studies is a challenging task that can take three to four years beyond obtaining your Bachelor in Animal Science. To learn more, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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