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A PhD, also known as a Doctor of Philosophy degree, is a doctorate awarded by a university to the academic who has met all necessary qualifications and can now be considered a doctor in his or her academic field.

In pursuit for understanding of the development, culture and cognition, urban, and work related social issues, one may consider taking a PhD in Anthropology. The historical and traditional issues of a society will be made clear to you as you gain more training and skills. It is an internationally recognized program availed at many universities worldwide.

Czech Republic is in the heart of Europe is a neighbor of Slovakia, Austria, Germany, and Poland. Czech universities offer long-standing reputation and interesting specializations.

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PhD in General Anthropology

Faculty of Humanities, Charles University
Campus Full time 4 years September 2018 Czech Republic Prague

Graduates, proficient in methods and practical aspects of scientific research as regards the general anthropological disciplines, are able to conduct field researches into anthropological issues in line with their specializations, while observing a scientist’s code of ethic. They are able to accurately formulate the results of their scientific work so as to publish them in high-standard journals or to responsibly popularise them. [+]

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The doctoral study programme at CU FHS is organized in the full-time (4 years) and correspondence form of study. The programme allows studies focused on philosophical, historical, socio-cultural and socio-linguistic anthropology and human ethology. The task of the programme, in general, is grasping the theoretical basics and methods of this field and mastering the methodology of academic research.

The curriculum of Ph.D. students includes: - The studies are organized in two modules, whereas the first module is compulsory for all students in the programme, the second one is selected on the basis of the consultations with the supervisor. - Ph.D. seminar - a compulsory exam in a living language - the defence of the student’s dissertation The concept of the study programme is determined by the department council.... [-]