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A PhD is the abbreviation for Doctor of philosophy. This degree is a post graduate program delivered to a high level student researcher who has done deep research in a specific field or subject.

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PhD in Analytical Chemistry

Charles University Faculty of Science
Campus Full time Part time 4 years September 2017 Czech Republic Prague + 1 more

A graduate of the Ph.D. study program in analytical chemistry has gained advanced theoretical and practical knowledge and experience in a wide field of chemical and instrumental methods of analysis, chemometry, approaches to the attainment of a high quality of analytical results, procedures of method validation and accreditation of analytical laboratories. [+]

PhDs in Applied Chemistry. Analytical chemistry is a branch of natural science and is based not only on all the chemical disciplines, but also on physics, biology, theory of information and a number of technical disciplines. It provides information on the identity, structure and amounts of components in natural and man-made objects and on their distribution in space and time. It cooperates with other fields of natural science in seeking relationships between the chemical composition of substances and their properties. It is an applied multidisciplinary science with a number of feedbacks that accents teamwork in solution of problems. It requires mastering of a sufficient background in a number of disciplines, such as general and physical chemistry, physics, mathematics, inorganic and organic chemistry and biochemistry, and, of course, a thorough knowledge of the theory of analytical chemistry and of modern instrumental analytical methods. In view of the experimental character of analytical chemistry, an important role is played by practical capabilities and manual skills. Description of the entrance examination and evaluation criteria The entrance examination has one round and is held as an interview. In exceptional cases, requested in writing by 30 April 2017, the dean can permit entrance examinations to take place via information and communication technology. During the entrance examination the candidate must demonstrate technical and linguistic skills to study the given field along with attributes necessary for scientific work. The entrance examination also takes into account the interest of the candidate in pursuing specific doctoral work with a particular... [-]