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African Studies

A PhD, also known as a Doctor of Philosophy degree, is a doctorate awarded by a university to the academic who has met all necessary qualifications and can now be considered a doctor in his or her academic field.

Czech Republic has a well-established and research based university education. This has made learning ini Prague one of the respected curriculum's in Europe since it cultivates the spirit of creativity and innovation among students.

Hradec Králové is a city of the Czech Republic, in the Hradec Králové Region of Bohemia. The city's economy is based on food-processing technology, photochemical, and electronics manufacture.

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PhD in African Studies

University of Hradec Králové, Philosophical Faculty
Campus Full time 4 years September 2017 Czech Republic Hradec Králové

The PhD study of the field Africa Studies aims at the preparation of qualified specialists in area studies with primary focus on Africa. [+]

Doctorate Degrees in African Studies in Hradec Králové in Czech Republic. The Philosophical Faculty of the University of Hradec Králové offers a PhD Degree which may be pursued in full-time study. The PhD programme is designed for students who have obtained a Master´s Degree in Political Science and related study disciplines. The study is designed as an overview of area studies and political science focusing on Africa. What are African Studies about? The PhD study of the field Africa Studies aims at the preparation of qualified specialists in area studies with primary focus on Africa. The PhD study is designed especially for students with a Master´s Degree in Political Science or related disciplines. The study concentrates primarily on comparative research of Africa with the objective to apply theoretical and methodological knowledge to social, political and economic problems of the Africa region. Experience in studying in Africa The objective of the African Studies programme is the education and preparation of scholars interested in research and teaching with a focus on Africa. The study is aimed at the preparation of graduates who will acquire theoretical and methodological knowledge as well as practical skills acquired at one go the many partner universities and research institutions in African countries. Students are supposed to carry out an extensive field research in Africa related to the topic of their doctoral dissertation. The immediate experience of the study and research abroad will enable the graduates of the PhD programme to take up research projects and to absorb the knowledge better and maximize its practical usage. Graduates The graduates will be professionally and also linguistically fully prepared for independent scientific research and teaching, for work in public institutions, such as ministries with agendas focused on Africa, in media, non-governmental organizations, diplomacy as well as other foreign or home institutions searching for experts in area studies. Admission Procedure Requirements The pre-condition for the admission to doctoral studies is a successfully completed university education with a Master´s Degree or Engineering Degree within the study programme Political Science or International Territorial Studies. Possibly they can be graduates of related or similar social or humanity-orientated study programmes (history, sociology, anthropology, economics), naturally supposing the successful fulfilment of the admission procedure requirements aimed at the manifestation of the adequate level of politological and territorial knowledge and capability of independent scientific activity. The admission committee considers the research project (the proposal of the thesis project) and other attached documents in the absence of the applicant. They evaluate particularly the quality of the research project, the applicant´s qualification for scientific work, but also his or her language skills. A PhD student´s knowledge of the English language must be at least on the level B2 of the so-called European referential frame. The knowledge of other languages (especially Spanish, Portuguese and French) is a substantial advantage. Another pre-requisite for the studies is a long-term stay in the Czech Republic, because a full-time engagement in the individual study plan is required. Documents to be attached to the Application - an attested copy of the certificate/diploma nostrification (in exceptional cases on the date of study enrolment at the latest) - a structured CV - at least 2 references/recommendations from the university of graduation - a research project proposal at the extent of approx. 4-5 standard pages – the project must include the specification of the topic and objectives of the work, the theoretical frame, methods of elaboration and the list of related literature (the project topic must correspond to the territorial study focus on the African/Latin-American territory) - a confirmation of language proficiency (certificates etc.) and of prospective publication activity [-]