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The highest degree possible to earn, a PhD is based in research. Students have to choose a specific topic area to study and research in-depth in this type of program.

What is a PhD in Australasian Studies? Australasia is the region that includes New Zealand, New Guinea, Australia and nearby Pacific Ocean islands. A doctorate program in Australasian studies focuses on learning more about the region, including its people and history. Students may work closely with mentors, assist with teaching and even present their research as lecturers. A program may let students focus in specific areas, such as religion or politics. To complete a program, students must conduct in-depth research and present a dissertation. Because these programs are often student-led, the amount of time to complete a PhD in Australasian studies can vary.

Students in a program can learn how to research and teach in a program. Other skills that may be picked up include leadership and time management. Skills can then be used to pursue career opportunities.

Costs of any program vary, but a PhD is special because costs are based on the student. To find the most accurate cost estimate, students should contact their school’s financial department.

Those who complete a PhD in Australasian Studies can enter a variety of fields. Some students will continue working in academic areas and others may choose to stay in research. However, students also have options outside of academia and research. Possible careers include museum curator, library information manager, nonprofit policy advisor, intelligence agent, consultant, international relations agent and humanitarian. Students may also choose to work for land councils and law firms.

If you want to study Australasian topics in depth, then you should consider a PhD in Australasian Studies. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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