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The PhD can vary depending on the institution and country in which it is awarded. Most scholars pursue a PhD because of strong motivation to contribute to the academic community as well as true curiosity about their chosen field of study. 


People who earn a PhD in business, economics and administration typically go on to teach in universities or perform statistical research for large organizations. Moreover, anyone with a PhD degree has the right to be addressed as "Dr."

Iran or Persia, officially the Islamic Republic of Iran, is a country in Western Asia. Iran is bordered on the north by Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan.According to the Webometrics Ranking of World Universities, the top-ranking universities in the country are the University of Tehran (468th worldwide),

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PhD in Entrepreneurship

University of Tehran, Kish International Campus
Campus Full-time Part-time September 2019 Iran Tehran

The Ph.D. program of Entrepreneurship at UTKIC focuses on training the students to be able to create the social and economic value by developing core capabilities of idea generation, opportunity recognition, resource acquisition, and entrepreneurial management. In UTKIC both predictive and creative approaches to all aspects of launching, growing and expanding businesses and organizations are taught, providing a broad skill-set for business and also providing highly customized paths for a variety of business contexts, including new ventures, franchises, corporate ventures, local and international companies.