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The PhD is a doctoral degree, specifically called a "doctor of philosophy" degree. This is misleading because PhD holders are not necessarily philosophers (unless they earned their degree in philosophy!). That said, PhD recipients are able to engage in thought experiments, reason about problems, and solve problems in sophisticated ways.

People who earn a PhD in business, economics and administration typically go on to teach in universities or perform statistical research for large organizations. Moreover, anyone with a PhD degree has the right to be addressed as "Dr."

The United States of America is a large country in North America, often referred to as the "USA", the "US", the "United States", "America", or simply "the States". American colleges are funded by "tuition" charged to the student, which is often quite expensive, very commonly reaching into the tens of thousands of dollars per year.

Florida is a city located in the state of the larger Florida. The city is home to more than 7,000 residents and is known for being the southernmost city in America. There are a handful of public and private schools here with various universities within close proximity.

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PhD in Management

ISCTE Business School – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa
Campus 3 - 3 years

The Management PhD at ISCTE-IUL is a very rigorous, comprehensive and flexible program. Comprised of six different scpecialization fields, our Ph.D. is ideal to those who wish to to obtain a major training in Management and a more focused approach on another scientific field of their choice. [+]

Students of PhD in Management may choose one of the following specialization fields:

Accounting Human Resources and Organizational Behavior Marketing Operations Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management Quantitative Methods applied to Management Strategy and Entrepreneurship   Reasons to choose PhD in Management at ISCTE-IUL: Flexibility - classes take place not during the entire year, but during a whole week, four times a year, which makes our offer ideal to those who need to balance a demanding carreer with this academic journey; Comprehensiveness - the fact that you may combine a strong training in Management with a focused approached on another scientific field of interest provides you with a greater set of tools; Faculty - all courses are lectured by teachers whose research focus is on the broad areas under scope; Seminars - throughout the year you will be lectured by foreign professors, specialists on the theme under analysis.   Application Deadlines ... [-]

PhD in Finance

ISCTE Business School – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa
Campus 3 - 3 years

The PhD program in Finance at ISCTE-IUL is a rigorous program designed to train students to produce high quality research. The program is suited to students who want to become faculty members at research universities or who want to lead research departments at financial institutions. [+]

Reasons to choose the Finance PhD programme at ISCTE-IUL: Comprehensive and flexible program designed to equip the student with all the tools necessary for high quality research; Large faculty, holding doctoral degrees from several major European and North-American universities, with broad expertise in most areas of finance, including asset pricing, corporate finance, derivatives, and banking; Access to the very best international databases:  WRDS, CRSP, Compustat, Datastream, Worldscope, Reuters, Bloomberg; Exposure to state-of-the-art research through a seminar series with speakers from the top European and North-American universities. a unuque opportunity to obtain a dual degree in Finance and Economics with our partner university - University of Delaware   Application Deadlines ... [-]

PhD in Economics

ISCTE Business School – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa
Campus 3 - 3 years

PhD in Economics at ISCTE Business School is recommended to students wishing to obtain a rigorous and intensive training in economic theory and policy, at the graduate level, as it is currently practiced in highly respected US and European universities. [+]

The PhD is a three-year program consisting of one year of coursework followed by two years of research. In the first year of the program, the focus is on providing the foundations for successful research. Students must choose at least one seminar course in the core areas (microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics) or in the field of political economy, and also choose five additional courses in field subjects (or extra courses in the core subjects), which should be closely related to their research interests. In the second and third years, students are expected to develop their research projects and write a dissertation under the supervision of a faculty member.


Audience ... [-]

PhD in Mass Communication

University of Florida - College of Journalism and Communications
Campus Full time September 2017 USA Gainesville

The University of Florida is dedicated to excellence in its Ph.D. program in mass communication. The program offers a course of study in an ideal setting for a quality educational experience. [+]

PhD in Mass CommunicationThe University of Florida is dedicated to excellence in its Ph.D. program in mass communication. The program offers a course of study in an ideal setting for a quality educational experience.The College of Journalism and Communications is proud of its award-winning student body and faculty, and boasts a variety of backgrounds made possible by one of the largest enrollments in the country. Some 200 students engage in graduate and advanced studies, joining 2,300 undergraduates. More than 53 faculty members teach, conduct research, and provide service.The University of Florida encourages applications from individuals of both sexes of all cultural, racial, ethnic, and religious groups. The University does not discriminate on the basis of handicap or age.Every application is considered in its entirety. The faculty considers every application — even those that fall just short of the GRE and GPA norms. We hold open the possibility that an applicant will be offered conditional admission if evidence such as references, work experience, and statement of goals warrant it.College’s doctoral program ranks 6th of 91 in the nationA 2010 analysis of the quality of communication doctoral programs in the United States ranked the University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications at number 6 among similar programs.The study assessed program quality by using objective and quantifiable indicators rather than subjective rankings that are common in other rankings. The measures emphasized both the number and quality of programs that hired new Ph.D.s from each institution.The results suggest that graduates from the doctoral program in Florida’s Journalism and Communications College are competitive with those from the best programs in the nation. Not only are these graduates in heavy demand, they are also competitive for the best academic jobs in the U.S.Purpose of the Doctoral ProgramThe Ph.D. degree is a research degree. The Ph.D. program is designed to help develop knowledge, attitudes, and skills so graduates can make important contributions to understanding mass communication. Faculty members help students lay the foundation for a lifetime of significant, creative work.The doctoral program prepares students for a variety of opportunities in mass communication. Graduates are expected to teach at colleges and universities; conduct research for organizations in advertising, journalism, public relations, telecommunication, and other mass communication fields; do consulting; and conduct research and contribute to policy in government and private organizations. Doctoral students in the College of Journalism and Communications gain valuable experience in both teaching and research. Assistantships help prepare students for academic and other research positions. Students in the program have consistently been among the nation’s leaders in winning top-paper awards at national and regional scholarly meetings.... [-]