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Colombia is a fascinating location for postgraduate education. This beautiful country and welcoming population draws people from all over the world for work, tourism, and education. The list of things for students to see and do is endless, including dynamic cities, nightclubs, Amazon safaris, trekking, archeological sites, and sea activities. A PhD in Colombia can be a truly enjoyable experience that can advance careers to the next level.

PhD in Colombia programs provide students with a challenging and excellent education. Graduates often enter careers in academia or industry. PhD in Colombia programs generally include coursework and research, while some may also require teaching, seminars, fieldwork, or other responsibilities. Graduates are awarded a PhD in Colombia after completion of a dissertation which must provide a significant contribution to the field of study.

If a PhD in Colombia sparks your interest, then take a look through the programs below and you may find your future degree waiting for you!

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Program management skills

ADEN Bogotá
Campus Full time 130 hours January 2019 Colombia Bogotá




Develop leadership skills in contexts of high diversity and multicultural business environments, which require the leader to redefine its role and to rethink their driving practices from other conceptual and operational frameworks. Provide self-diagnostic tools to establish action plans for continuous improvement in its role as a business leader, so as to make a progressive and systematic incorporation of management skills, which enable them to optimize their results and the companies they lead. Incorporating communications and human talent management skills, which allow to increase the productivity of team work and at the same time increase the level of commitment of people, positively influencing the drivers of climate surveys, improving manifestly the results thereof. Develop skills in digital productivity, both for himself and for his team, managing to incorporate effective tools to achieve a true collaborative work, even in environments affected by virtuality teams. Learn the essential practices of coaching, both managerial and ontological, so its effective members of his team application to operate on development and, consequently, on the performance and results of each of its employees. Optimize negotiating skills, which will enable to establish win-win relationships with their environment, as well as tools to address unequal negotiations in globalized environments and to resolve conflicts effectively. ... [-]

Doctor of Ministry Program (D.Min.)

Anderson University South Carolina
Online & Campus Combined Full time Part time September 2019 Colombia Ibagué

The D.Min. in Biblical Preaching is designed to help pastors and church leaders enhance their preaching and leadership skills. [+]

Doctor of Ministry Program

The Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) in Biblical Preaching is a program designed to help pastors and church leaders take their preaching and leadership to the next level. Students will participate in a series of seminars and a directed ministry project to enhance their understanding of biblical preaching and to further develop their preaching gifts.The Doctor of Ministry is a professional doctoral degree focused primarily on the practice of ministry. The educational experiences in the D.Min. program at Anderson University will be delivered through a hybrid approach, involving independent and online study, three week-long seminars (two on campus, one in a selected city), three event-based seminars, and development and implementation of a significant ministry project and subsequent dissertation. The student will be expected to plan, carry out and evaluate the project at a level appropriate for a doctoral degree candidate.... [-]