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The most popular doctorate is the Doctor of Philosophy or Ph.D. Ph.D.s and other study doctorates prepare graduate student to launch new plans that add to the common knowledge base of the field. Candidates for and holders of Ph.D.s often seek professions as professors and researchers, but many also go on to different roles in the charitable, public, and private sectors.

Communication classes help students build a wide array of highly valuable skills that open up a variety of career opportunities in the years to come. These skills are highly sought after across several industries, meaning students may have an unparalleled freedom when it comes to choosing a job.

Students who complete a part of their degree in Asia are growing in numbers. Currently, the second and the third biggest economies are in Asia. Without limitation, students have described their time in Asia as the best experience of their lives. Today, three of the four most populated countries of the world are in Asia: China, India, and Indonesia.

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PhD in Communication and Information System

Harbin Engineering University (HEU)
Campus Full time September 2019 China Harbin

This Communication and Information System discipline is a site conferring Doctor degree. More than 200 papers are published and over 50 of them were indexed by SCI、EI and ISTP ... [+]

Doctor Degree in Communication and Information System

This Communication and Information System discipline is a site conferring Master and Doctor degree.There are 20 professors and 9 associate professors, 5 doctor tutors and 24 master tutors. The discipline was granted the right of conferring M.Eng in 1989 and D.Eng in 1996. This discipline has taken the lead in a super-wide band information system, ranked first-class in modern communication and information system in north-east China. Since its first enrollment, many innovative and excellent intellects are cultivated for economy construction and national defense modernization. Now there are more than 300 MEng students in studying. More than 200 papers are published and over 50 of them were indexed by SCI、EI and ISTP; 55 projects of national and ministry level and 26 projects of industry sectors are undertaken. 2 projects are conferred second-class award of Heilongjiang province technology progress, 1 project is conferred third class award. Labs for teaching and researching are super-wide information system lab, communication system lab center, virtual lab, which are cost 800,000yuan RMB. The discipline opened 17-degree courses and required major courses for MEng and D.Eng candidates.... [-]

PhD in Information and Communication Systems

Open University Of Cyprus
Online Full time Part time 3 - 8 years September 2019 Cyprus Cyprus Online + 1 more

The doctoral program "Information and Communication Systems" has as main mission the research on issues related to Information and Communication Systems. [+]

The PhD program "Information and Communication Systems" Of the Open University of Cyprus offers a limited number of positions for the Ph.D. dissertation.

Purpose of the Program

The PhD program "Information and Communication Systems" has as its main mission the research on issues related to Information and Communication Systems.

Research Areas / Admission Requirements

For the Academic Year 2017-2018 up to two places will be offered in the subject:

1.Communication / Artificial Intelligence with emphasis on the following topics:

Mechanical learning and computational learning theory Reason of common sense and formal argumentation Mechanical reading and understanding of natural language and stories Develop smart applications on mobile devices ... [-]

Doctor of Philosophy in Professional Communication

IUMW - International University of Malaya-Wales
Campus Full time 3 years October 2019 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

The research in the PhD programme is an in-depth investigation of specific research issues related to a professional communication discipline with the aim of enhancing and contributing to new knowledge in that discipline. [+]

At IUMW, our main business is providing you with quality and globally relevant education in Professional Communication. Our Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programme is aimed prepare students for a career as an academic or a researcher in the public or private sector. It is a sign of expert knowledge, power, and limitless opportunities. Students are expected to have strong theoretical and research methodological foundations and be able to conduct their research fairly independently.

Our PhD programme also is designed to mold students into more than just an expert in their field. It is mean to nurture students into becoming the catalyst of human development for the betterment of mankind through groundbreaking ideas, analytical skills and the power of knowledge.... [-]

PhD in Communication Studies

European College for Liberal Studies
Campus Full time 2 years September 2019 Spain Barcelona Belgium Brussels Madrid Switzerland Zürich Japan Tokyo Antwerp + 8 more

Ph.D. - Doctor of Philosophy in Communication Studies (60 credits) [+]

Our postgraduate programs, each with different program requirements, are based on and are fully compatible with the established European and American educational systems. The European guidelines for higher education are outlined in the Bologna agreements. Once a minimum number of credits has been earned, a request for graduation can be submitted. Postgraduate programs are advanced academic programs for college and university graduates, as well as for working professionals wishing to pursue a progressive career in the field of communication and liberal arts. The college’s truly global community provides ample opportunities for students to pursue academic topics of interest and research with an emphasis on globalization, communication and higher education. Not all programs are offered at all campuses.... [-]