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Since a doctorate of philosophy is generally the highest possible educational achievement, students often expect to devote significant time to obtaining a PhD. Those who do often pursue top-level professional positions.

What is a PhD in Design Studies? Design studies programs typically afford students the opportunity to learn how to create both 2D and 3D designs. Depending on a participant’s interests, curriculum advisors recommend tailored courses of study. Generally, the first part of design programs involves learning design theory. Since the faculty usually includes artistic experts, students can develop a keen understanding of essential principles. Then, students usually learn how to apply concepts to create practical designs in a variety of media. Many courses culminate with participants creating portfolios they can use to seek professional employment.

Students who pursue a PhD in Design Studies acquire a significant number of skills. Among these are the ability to work both collaboratively and independently. Additionally, graduates learn how to think critically, providing the foundation for personal development and professional success.

The cost of a design studies program depends on the school a student chooses to attend. Responsible applicants often research tuition and fees before contacting admissions officials to discuss total costs.

Many who earn a PhD in Design Studies seek employment in the arts as professional illustrators and designers. Some, however, choose to become consultants, working with clients to enhance brand marketing efforts. Other graduates pursue employment in a corporate environment, working on developing products. Since PhD holders have reached the top of their discipline, some graduates choose to work in academia or the nonprofit sector. Likewise, many individuals decide to volunteer on arts boards and commissions.

You have several options for pursuing a PhD in Design studies. You may choose to take online classes or complete coursework in a conventional setting. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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7 Results in Design Studies

Izmir University of Economics

Design Studies graduate program has been established with the aim of uniting all design disciplines in order to make these more creative by interacting. The program comme ... [+]

Design Studies graduate program has been established with the aim of uniting all design disciplines in order to make these more creative by interacting. The program commenced its facilities in the 2006-2007 academic year, though advanced level research in Design Studies area is needed. That is why the doctoral program of Design Studies is going to admit students in the 2013-2014 academic year for the first time.

The priority of the program is to be creative in the design field. It is aimed to make further research and acknowledge the innovational updates on environmental design, interior architectural design, industrial design, fashion and textile design, visual communication design. That is why the curriculum of the program has many options in manners of the elective courses. Students may choose related elective courses for their individual research. As soon as the courses are completed, students start to write their doctoral theses after their qualification exam and thesis proposal. Design Studies doctoral program also allows students to accomplish conjunct doctoral studies.... [-]

Turkey Izmir
September 2020
4 years

The Design Ph.D. is essentially oriented towards the Thesis which students start working on from day one. It is also a Doctorate based on an understanding of what it mean ... [+]


The Design Ph.D. is essentially oriented towards the Thesis which students start working on from day one. It is also a Doctorate based on an understanding of what it means to be a Designer and what Designing is.

At IADE, students have the opportunity to study and research design with designers by profession and to be a part of a reputable Design Research Unit - UNIDCOM/IADE.

This Ph.D. is led by a faculty with extensive professional experience and has an environment conducive to the development of a strong bond between the professor and the student, which is key to developing and supervising a doctoral thesis.

The doctoral programme also affords students the possibility to access public examination to obtain the title of 'Agregado' in Design.... [-]

Portugal Lisbon
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3 years
The University of Nottingham - Faculty of Engineering

Human factors research focuses on the multidisciplinary research spanning studies of the interaction between humans, machines, and technology to develop the products and ... [+]

PhD topics can cover many different fields within this discipline, for example, design, manufacturing, assembly, measurement, testing, and modeling.

This course requires a 2:1 or international equivalent and/or a master's degree at merit level or above in a relevant subject, and an IELTS level 6.0 (5.5 in each element). It is usually completed over a period of around three years.


Within the Human Factors Research Group (HFRG) we possess a wide range of technical facilities which are used for research and consultancy projects, as well as for teaching.The Usability and Ergonomics Laboratory constitutes a self-contained space containing a wide range of video and data capture equipment. As a result, we are able to conduct usability and ergonomics evaluation studies in which participants’ behavior can be observed and measured in a controlled fashion.The HFRG Transport Simulation Laboratory enables our research work to be conducted in a safe, controlled and cost-effective environment. This has been of specific importance in out transport-related work, where we currently possess hi-fidelity car, motorcycle, and train simulators.... [-]

United Kingdom Nottingham
December 2019
3 years
Koc University - Istanbul Turkey

The Graduate School of Social Sciences and Humanities at Koc University welcomes applications for its Master and PhD in Design, Technology, and Society. ... [+]

PhD in Design, Technology & Society

Developments in current technology offer a wide range of opportunities for creative industries. There are eight fundamental fields in the global market where creative industry can grow: design, film production, music, animation, interactive media, computer games, digital advertisement, gastronomy and cultural heritage. Creative industries need scholars and professionals who can use interdisciplinary thinking skills to develop new approaches to the utilization of display technologies and digital products. All over the world, there is an expanding need for experts who can creatively manage the convergence of different communication platforms, who can analyze, anticipate and address the changing needs and expectations of individuals (as consumers or as citizens).... [-]

Turkey Istanbul
September 2020
4 years
University of Camerino the international School of Advanced Studies

Area: Architecture, Design, Planning ... [+]

Area: Architecture, Design, Planning Architecture, Theories, and Design Innovation Design Sustainable Urban Planning

Teaching locations - Ascoli Piceno - Satellite site of Camerino University

Architecture, Theories, and Design Theories and design of contemporary Architecture; History and development of architectural Heritage; Graphic and multimedia representation of Architecture. Innovation Design Innovative and intelligent design of objects, systems, and environments; Design for environmental sustainability and for process and product innovation; Communication design, new technologies, and cultural heritage. Sustainable Urban Planning Sustainable development of the territory, land co... [-]
Italy Camerino
November 2019
3 years
Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)

Color science research at RIT encompasses such diverse fields as medical data visualization, computer graphics and animation, art conservation, spectral and spatial measu ... [+]


Color has been an intense topic of interest for thousands of years. Mathematicians, philosophers, physicists, physiologists, poets, and other disciplines have all contributed to our understanding of color. RIT’s color science Ph.D. program allows you to contribute to knowledge creation and practical application of color science. You will conduct extensive research that encompasses diverse fields and multiple disciplines of science. The program is designed for students whose undergraduate degrees are in physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, engineering, neuroscience, experimental psychology, imaging, or any applied discipline pertaining to the quantitative description of color.... [-]

USA Rochester
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4 years
Lingnan University

Visual Studies at Lingnan is a stand-alone department focusing on the following core sub-disciplines: art history, cognitive film studies, and philosophical aesthetics. ... [+]

PhD in Visual Studies

Normal Duration: 3 or 4 years (Full-time)

Place: Hong Kong

Visual Studies at Lingnan is a stand-alone department, focusing on the following core sub-disciplines: art history, film studies, and philosophical aesthetics. The emphasis on philosophical aesthetics gives Visual Studies at Lingnan a unique profile, as does the emphasis on cognitive approaches to film, museum studies, art and well-being, and Chinese art in a global context. For more information about our department, please visit

Application Methods

Applicants may seek admission to the PhD programme in two ways as follows:

1. Apply for PhD Programmes via the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS)... [-]

Hong Kong Tuen Mun
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30 - 72 months