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Earth Science

A PhD is the abbreviation for Doctor of philosophy. This degree is a post graduate program delivered to a high level student researcher who has done deep research in a specific field or subject.

Earth science courses can prepare students for careers in several areas that focus on the earth, atmosphere, and the universe. Earth science positions can be found in private industry, the public sector, media, and in academic settings.

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Top Doctoral Programs in Earth Science in Macau 2017/2018

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Doctor of Philosophy in Earth and Planetary Science

Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST)
Campus Full time 6 years November 2017 Macau

The establishment of Space Science Institute (SSI) in Macau University of Science and Technology is based on the research background of the university and is adapted to the space exploration research that has been developed very fast in the world in recent years. The objectives of SSI are the innovative research on lunar and planetary science as well as the popularization of the research achievements to the Macao society. [+]

Best Doctoral Programs in Earth Science in Macau 2017/2018. Recently, the research of SSI will focus on the following topics: research on Lunar exploration, research on Mars and other planetary exploration and research on near earth asteroids. There are a few of full time research staffs in this Institute. The faculty members in Faculty of Information Technology and General Studied in MUST will join the research as well. Supported by STDF in Macao, we have already finished 3 projects in the past years. They are: 1. Pre-study of the Effective Load of gamma/X Ray Spectrometer for Moon Exploration. 2. The processing, analysis, application and research on the exploration data of Chang’e-1. 3. Research on instrument to detect the minor water on the lunar surface and the methods to analyze nuclear spectrum. In the mean time, there are three ongoing projects in SSI, all these projects are supported by STDF in Macao. 1. Astronomical observations and space exploration of solar system small bodies. 2. Retrieving the compositions of the Lunar surface with Chang’E-1 IIM data. 3. Research on digital Lunar Topography, component analysis and space plasma environment near the moon based on Chang’e-2 Exploration data. [-]