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The most popular doctorate is the Doctor of Philosophy or Ph.D. Ph.D.s and other study doctorates prepare graduate student to launch new plans that add to the common knowledge base of the field. Candidates for and holders of Ph.D.s often seek professions as professors and researchers, but many also go on to different roles in the charitable, public, and private sectors.

It is with no doubts that the business world operates under unknown situations that demand quality analysis before one goes messing around. In many cases, professional practitioners in the field may lack knowledge or relevant skills in handling the economic forces that propel the environment. This is the reason students further their studies by taking the PhD program. It is available worldwide with wide market opportunities waiting globally.

Portugal is one of the warmest European countries. University programs are very affordable. In fact Portugal has one of the lowest living costs for students. Enjoy the the great beaches in Algarve or the old wings of history in the capital city of Lisbon.

Porto is the second most populous city in Portugal after Lisbon with a population of about 1.3 million persons. The University of Porto is the top university in Portugal as it serves students from all over Europe and the world in general. There are many other technical colleges in Porto too.

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PhD in Economics

University of Porto School of Economics and Management.
Campus Full time Part time 4 years September 2017 Portugal Porto + 1 more

The PhD Programme is a four-year, full-time programme. The first three semesters are devoted to coursework; the remaining semesters are devoted to the preparation of the PhD dissertation. [+]

Doctorate Studies in Economics in Porto in Portugal. The PhD Programme is a four-year, full-time programme. The first three semesters are devoted to coursework the remaining semesters are devoted to the preparation of the PhD dissertation. The selected cohorts of students that enroll the Programme each year receive training within a stimulating research environment. The Programme is hosted by the Center for Economics and Finance at the U. Porto (cef.up), the leading research unit of the Faculty of Economics of University of Porto (FEP-UP), which sponsors several courses and seminars over the academic year. Research papers are presented by visiting scholars, by Department faculty and by graduate students. Seminar attendance is an integral part of the PhD programme, as it provides students with knowledge about current research in their areas of interest, as well as acquaintance with researchers in such areas. Presentation of their research results allows students to acquire key academic abilities and to obtain timely feedback from scholars and colleagues on their theses. FEP has a "dual degree agreement" with LASER - Lombardy Advanced School of Economic Research. Objectives This programme aims to provide advanced capabilities in Economic Theory and Quantitative Methods, leading to a deeper understanding of various specialized areas of Economics and developing skills for economic analysis and scientific research. The programme structure is designed to ensure that students acquire thorough knowledge to develop economic research and to contribute to the advance of their specialization area. The programme encourages the submission of research results to publication... [-]