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A PhD is the highest degree offered at a university. These programs take several years to complete and involve independent research that furthers the state of academic discourse in a discipline. Graduates often become faculty or work as researchers or specialists.

What is a PhD in Education Technology? Students pursuing this degree may undertake studies of particular technologies and perform quantitative and qualitative assessments. Experts in educational technology can examine technological influences in education to determine which tools are most conducive to learning. Graduates should be familiarized with recent innovations and willing to experiment in the classroom.

Doctoral students in this field draw insights from education and technology. They also learn about new hardware and software. This area of study generally promotes digital literacy, or the ability to meaningfully use new technologies for personal and professional development.

The cost of studies on this level can be considerable, given that these programs usually require three to six years of full-time study, research and writing. Grants or scholarships may help offset the cost of attendance. Some programs set aside funding for outstanding students.

Advanced research in education technology is in high demand in the professional world. Universities need professors and lecturers with technology skills to teach this subject. Graduates might also seek employment as technological advisors for school systems or other educational or cultural institutions. Many technology companies also seek candidates with a background in education to act as promoters, encouraging school systems and university departments to adopt new web tools or software.

A growing number of schools offer a PhD in Education Technology, and these programs have different faculty and research projects. The school you choose will influence which technologies you use and the faculty available to guide your research. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Nipissing University

Grounded in the context of a post-modern society, and recognizing the importance of multiple perspectives, this Ph.D. program in Educational Sustainability will prepare s ... [+]

PhD in Education (Educational Sustainability)

Grounded in the context of a post-modern society, and recognizing the importance of multiple perspectives, this Ph.D. program in Educational Sustainability will prepare students from a variety of fields, such as education, health, social work, social justice and administrative leadership, for sustainable educational practices in the 21st century.

By sustainable practice, we mean conducting research, teaching, and learning across disciplines, cultures, and nationalities and embracing a global vision of education that develops self-knowledge and an understanding that the relationship of the self to people, to nature, and to the designed environment is fundamental in becoming an educated person. Educational Sustainability means that within the program students and faculty members will be asking questions that take into account the social context in which we live, and consider the ways in which the world is interrelated. The purpose is to build capacity to meet the needs of present and future academics and professionals working in various social science fields who will leave the program prepared to move beyond the status quo of 20th century standard practice to create real and virtual educational environments where active learning and multiple perspectives are the foundations of individual and institutional action. The degree is designed for educators within the school system, and within the professions more generally, who will become engaged citizens who can think critically and are prepared to accept individual responsibility for the well-being of society.... [-]

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