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A PhD is often referred to as a Doctor of Philosophy or doctorate. The program allows a student to specialize in a field of study and develop the skills necessary to teach, consult, and manage as a qualified expert on that subject.

What is a PhD in Engineering Design? Students studying for a doctorate in engineering design typically focus on solving engineering problems using scientific methods. This often includes finding solutions for product designs and creating innovative product development methods. Classes may include product testing, design analysis, system evaluation, and effective packaging. Students may also choose from courses such as design strategies, theory, and human factors in design.

Since engineers are often required to solve problems, students seeking a Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering Design may find they have honed analytical, communication, and attention-to-detail skills that help them in both their personal and business lives. They may also become better at solving puzzles and listening.

Students looking for a doctorate program focusing on engineering design may notice that program costs vary between universities. This is frequently due to the program length, the courses offered, and the prestige of the desired school. For cost information, students may want to contact the university and request information.

Engineers play an important role in society, although most people don’t realize it. That is why graduates with a Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering Design often have little trouble finding a lucrative career. Occupation fields may include electronics, government offices, manufacturing design plants, and medicine. Students may also seek employment as design experts or consultants in aeronautics, home construction, and HVAC companies. Students with computer skills may want to consider careers as computer hardware designers, information technology technicians, and computer marketing professionals.

When seeking a doctorate in engineering design, you may find educational opportunities are varied because universities worldwide now offer online courses. To find a course of study that is right for you, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Technical University of Liberec

The doctoral study program Machines and Equipment Design is focused on independent scientific and research projects in the field of design of machines and equipment. ... [+]

Ph.D. in Machines and Equipment, Machine and Equipment Design

The doctoral study program Machines and Equipment Design is focused on independent scientific and research projects in the field of design of machines and equipment. Its aim is to produce highly-educated and creative graduates capable of taking part in scientific, research and professional activities. The Ph.D. candidates further extend and refine their knowledge of mathematics, physics and applied sciences in the theoretical foundation of the study discipline to be able to succeed in solutions of tasks in the fields of development and design, modeling and simulations of operations and design and performance of experiments.

... [-]
Czech Republic Liberec
September 2019
4 years