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A PhD or Doctor of Philosophy is a postgraduate academic degree awarded by universities. Once one attains a PhD he or she may often be referred to as a doctor.

You can only be in a position to solve advanced engineering problems if you have PhD training in engineering. To be admitted as a doctoral student, one must hold a masters degree in the Engineering or related subject and pass a comprehensive entrance exam.

The education ministry runs education in China. The government often provides partial funding for the higher education in the technical and public universities. The Chinese government has also developed academic curriculum that allows those students with vocational skills to nurture their talents.

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PhD in Marine Engine Engineering

Harbin Engineering University (HEU)
Campus Full time September 2018 China Harbin

The Doctor Degree in Marine Engine Engineering has research fields in General Performance and System Analysis of Marine Power Equipment, Vibration & Noise Control of Marine Power Equipment ... [+]

Doctor Degree in Marine Engine Engineering

There are more than 50 research projects (including 30 of them were completed, 20 of them had awards from the government and 20 of them are conducting now) in the College of Power and Energy Engineering and total funds of them are 76.25 Million RMB. In the tenth five year plan of developing, this discipline is the stress construction discipline of our University, pursuing research on the internal combustion engine, gas turbine engine and combined power plants. The master students of Marine Engine take part in these researches. There are five important laboratories: marine internal combustion engine lab, marine power plant vibration & noise control lab, combined power plant lab, steam power plant lab, and special power plant lab. In this discipline, there is some application software also. These facilities are the research basements for training the masters.... [-]