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The completion of a PhD program signifies that students are capable of the highest level of academic achievement. A program can only be enrolled in after earning several lower level degrees. Students develop their thesis through extensive research and the help of an expert in their field.

What is a PhD in Executive DBA? This field revolves around business administration. Those who choose to study it will research every aspect of operating a business from an executive position. Programs focusing on executive DBA typically include all sorts of other disciplines that relate to the business field, such as accounting, finance, marketing, statistics, human resources, sales, and management. Upon graduation, students are not only prepared to enter academia, but become an executive themselves.

Students who pursue a PhD in Executive DBA benefit by developing several relevant skills. For this field specifically, these skills include business administration, leadership, organization, and all the different aspects of operational management. All these skills will help graduates when they begin working.

The cost of enrolling in a PhD program varies depending on your unique situation. The school you study at, the program you choose, and even the country you live in will all influence the fees and other costs you should anticipate.

The traditional application of a PhD in any field is a career in education. With this level of degree, you can become a college professor if you choose. Alternatively, you can become a researcher to continue to contribute to business administration knowledge and techniques. Of course, if you prefer, you can also choose to enter a career outside of academics, such as an executive, business consultant, analyst, entrepreneur, or department head.

The best way to get started is to decide which kind of program will work best for you. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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PhD in Business Administration

Yasar University
Campus Full time September 2018 Turkey İzmir

This programme aims to meet the needs of future business leaders. It approaches business administration from a wide perspective, and incorporates a national and international outlook. It combines theoretical knowledge with project work, and applies research into real life situations. Students on the programme are given every opportunity to become proficient in the areas of capital marketing and finance, international business, human resource management, marketing communication, risk management, and retail management. [+]

PhDs in Executive DBA. Tuition: Turkish Yasar University’s Business Administration PhD program is designed to convey contemporary business applications and theoretical approaches that provide a basis for these applications to our students and lead them to conduct research and contribute to national and international business world and academic literature. The program is comprised of compulsory and selective courses which enable our students to specialize in specific fields. Courses offered in various specialty fields motivate our students to do inter-disciplinary research. There are three areas of specialization for Business Administration PhD program: - Accounting-Finance - Management- Organization - Production, Marketing and Logistics The language of the PhD in Business Administration Program is Turkish The program is composed in two ways: - For those who are accepted with bachelor degree “Integrated PhD Program” - For those who are accepted with Master of Science degree “PhD Program” Students accepted for “Integrated PhD Program” are required to fulfill 7 main compulsory courses (21 credit-hours), 6 field compulsory courses (20 credit-hours) and 12 credit-hours of selective courses. Students succeed in proficiency exam should write a PhD thesis. Students accepted for “PhD Program”, should fulfill 23 credit-hours courses. Students succeed in proficiency exam should write a PhD thesis. Our students also have the chance to take advantage of ERASMUS exchange program and study for one semester in one of the European countries. Head of Business Administration Department is Cagri BULUT, Ph.D. Application Requirements for the PhD Program Student acceptance requirements for PhD Program are stated in... [-]