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A PhD is a doctoral program, but does not necessarily indicate that the recipient is a medical doctor. PhDs are awarded in every field of study, from anatomy to accounting. Most require students to have completed a bachelor’s and master’s degree before applying. A PhD is the most advanced degree offered by a university. Most programs include high-level specialty courses as well as a research and dissertation requirement.

What is a PhD in Executive Programs? This program may also be called an executive PhD, and is an advanced course of study for business professionals who aspire to apply state-of-the-art knowledge and sophisticated research skills to the corporate world. Classes may introduce students to theoretical and practical aspects of commerce and organizational behavior. Students may be encouraged to conduct thought experiments to apply knowledge to complex hypothetical situations. Many programs are interdisciplinary and reflect a global perspective.

Many students choose to pursue an executive PhD because it can provide an intellectual challenge as well as an opportunity to network with other high-level business professionals. Participants may gain valuable financial, management and communication skills.

The cost of a PhD in Executive Programs will vary depending on the institution and program chosen. Many traditional and online universities offer programs with schedules designed to appeal to working executives.

Some graduates of a doctoral program will remain in academia as full-time professors. However, graduates may also go on to work for public and private corporations as well as nonprofit organizations. Some will become top executives in large, multinational corporations. Others will become researchers, business analysts, economic consultants or program directors for public institutions or private organizations. They may also work for government organizations as policy analysts or political advisors. 

Ambitious business professionals who are dedicated to lifelong learning and searching for a new challenge and new career opportunities may be interested in a PhD in Executive Programs. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Antwerp Management School

The Antwerp Management School’s Executive Ph.D. program is a high-level support program for executives and C-level managers with a strong ambition to bring state-of-the-a ... [+]

Executive PhD

Antwerp Management School’s Executive Ph.D. program is a top-tier support program for ambitious executives and C-level managers who want to bring the most advanced knowledge and outstanding research skill into the workplace and society.

Participants will acquire new methodologies and mindset with which they will approach actual business issues they are confronted with in their organizations or in society. Thus, the program has a considerable impact on the professional development of participants.

To flourish in today’s complicated, globally competitive business environment, organizations require leaders who seize interdisciplinary knowledge, the ability to think in global terms and the vision to design systems that respond to swiftly changing tendencies.... [-]

Belgium Antwerp
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4 years