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Earning a PhD is the first step towards professional and academic success for many students. It usually requires two additional years of study after graduate school, but may vary from program to program. These degrees are research-intensive and expound upon what students have already learned.

What is a PhD in Forensic Psychology? A PhD in Forensic Psychology offers students a chance to better understand the criminal justice system and how it relates to mental health and human behavior. Students are educated about the emotional, societal, and psychological motivations behind crime and its impact on victims. Research methods are employed to gain insight into various demographics, such as juvenile and violent offenders. Students who earn this degree will also be better prepared to offer mental health services in prisons and correctional facilities.

There are many practical advantages to earning a PhD in Forensic Psychology. For students wishing to work in the criminal justice field, this degree allows you to do just that. Those who earn this degree also command higher salaries in the professional arena.

The cost of earning a PhD in Forensic Psychology varies from school to school. Longer programs with more courses tend to cost more. It is important for students to contact their prospective schools to learn more information about program costs.

A PhD in Forensic Psychology prepares students to use their research and analytical skills in a number of public and private settings. The criminal justice system, academic institutions, and private companies all employ PhDs. Many students find work as consultants to politicians and government agencies. Others choose to purse academic careers and become professors or instructors. Some work directly with law enforcement to help protect society from dangerous criminals.

Many schools offer the opportunity to earn this specific degree online. This can give students the added flexibility to finish a degree on their own time. To learn more, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Walden University

Gain the specialized knowledge you need to advance in the exciting and diverse field of forensic psychology. ... [+]

Gain the specialized knowledge you need to advance in the exciting and diverse field of forensic psychology.

In this online program, you’ll acquire a deeper understanding of the criminal justice system as well as mental health issues that may drive criminal behavior. Explore ways to evaluate programs designed for forensic populations such as the incarcerated, recently released offenders, the mentally ill, and juvenile offenders.

Expedite your path through the program with our Fast Track Option, and choose from five specializations that allow for intensive exploration of the area of forensic psychology that aligns with your career goals. Prepare for a role as a teacher, researcher, or consultant in the law enforcement, government, education, or nonprofit sector.... [-]

USA USA Online
August 2019
4 - 8 years