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Usually the highest degree a student can earn, a PhD can be the next degree you work towards after completing your master’s degree. It can take around eight years to complete all the requirements to earn a PhD, but having one can help you become an expert in your field.

What is a PhD in Human Rights? This degree can involve studies of government and politics. It can be mainly concerned with how governments should be run to ensure people rights are protected and respected. Some commonly covered subjects can be sociology, law and economics. You may learn about the different types of government being used in countries around the world and how they can come with different issues and benefits.

The knowledge you gain about government can help you to have a better understanding of laws and current events. Studies of sociology can help you become better at working with other people and allow you to solve problems in relationships. Knowing how the economy works can also come in handy when making decisions about investing or spending money.

To find out how much a getting your PhD can cost, it can help to first decide which schools you are interested in attending. Different institutions may charge different tuition and have different requirements for earning the degree.

While a PhD can be a great choice of degree for somebody looking to become a professor, there can be many field-specific careers available. Some options can include working as a human rights officer or lawyer to help prevent and solve issues that involve citizens being mistreated. You can also explore opportunities to work as a policy analyst, helping to determine whether new government policies are fair and don’t violate people’s rights.

There can be many different schools that offer your degree. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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2 Results in Human Rights

Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna

The Ph.D. Programme in “Politics, human rights, and sustainability” is a three-year residential programme characterized by an interdisciplinary approach to the subject an ... [+]

In addition to the fellowships provided for in the call for admission, BV TECH S.p.A. funds a three-year fellowship within the framework of the Ph.D. in Politics, Human Rights, and Sustainability – research area: International Law, Agricultural Law.

The candidate shall focus his/her research project on the topic of “National Security, Defense, and Cyber Warfare: Critical Infrastructures Protection from Cyber Threats in Italy and Its wide Strategic and Political Implications in the International Arena.”

The research should address the theme of the cyberspace as the fifth dimension of the conflict in the strategic dynamics of the international relations, with a particular focus on the Italian national defense and security strategies. By taking in due account the initiatives promoted by other members of the International Community in the field of cyber-security, the research should examine the strategic implications generated by the policies and measures adopted by Italy in order to prevent, protect and respond to cyber attacks against national critical infrastructure. The study should also investigate the role played, or that might be played, by the private sector to countering cyber threats. The research should result in the definition of a set of recommendations aimed at designing and building an integrated and coherent Italian national cyber defense and security model.... [-]

Italy Pisa
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3 years
University of Nicosia

The Joint Doctorate (PhD) in Human Rights, Society, and Multi-Level Governance is an existing three-year, interdisciplinary, joint academic programme managed by the Unive ... [+]

Joint Degree with the University of Padova, the University of Zagreb, the University of Western Sydney, and Panteion University, Athens

Duration (years): 3 Years or 6 Semesters Qualification Awarded: Doctor of Philosophy Level of Qualification: Doctorate Degree (3rd Cycle) Language of Instruction: English Mode of Study: Full-time Minimum ECTS Credits: 180 Profile of the Programme

The Joint Doctorate (PhD) in Human Rights, Society, and Multi-Level Governance is an existing three-year, interdisciplinary, joint academic programme managed by the University of Padova in Italy, the University of Zagreb in Croatia, Western Sydney University in Australia and Panteion University, Athens in Greece. The joint degree in its current form results in a Dottorato di Ricerca in Italy, a Doktorat iz društvenih znanosti in Croatia, a Doctor of Philosophy degree (PhD) in Australia, and a Didactoriko Diploma in Greece. All information pertaining to the degree can be found on its website: and the website of the Human Rights Centre of the coordinating institution, the University of Padova: [-]

Cyprus Nicosia
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3 years