Doctorate Program in Humanities Studies in Congo, DR

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Humanities Studies

A PhD is the abbreviation for Doctor of philosophy. This degree is a post graduate program delivered to a high level student researcher who has done deep research in a specific field or subject.

Humanities and social sciences is the perfect area of study for students who are looking to learn a huge variety of skills which might prepare them for unparalleled freedom when it comes to choosing which industry they’d like to work in.

Top Doctoral Programs in Humanities Studies in Congo, DR 2019

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Phd in theology

L’Université Catholique Du Congo
Campus Full time February 2019 Congo, DR Kinshasa

At the postgraduate level, students may earn the degrees of a Graduate of Advanced Studies in Theology, Doctor of Theology and Associate Professor of Higher Education in Theology. [+]

In 1996, the Standing Committee of the Bishops of the Congo approved a new organization of studies at the Faculty of Theology, which came into force in October of the same year. The reform began with a review of the program of the Department of Theology and Humanities, whose initial twofold objective was the theological formation of religious and lay students who were not destined for the priestly life and the inculturation of the The gospel through the integration, in theological formation, of human sciences attentive to the milieu and cultural traditions.

Without abandoning this double concern, the Standing Committee of Bishops reaffirms that the Church needs the lay people trained in theology, and stresses that the formation of the latter must be the same as for the priests (except, of course, the Matters connected with the priestly ministry). There will be no special program either for the laity or for the priests. For all, he will be the same at all levels: Graduate, License, Diploma of Approfondies (DEA), Doctorate.... [-]

Phd in philosophy

L’Université Catholique Du Congo
Campus Full time February 2019 Congo, DR Kinshasa

At the postgraduate level, students can acquire degrees of Advanced Studies in Philosophy, Doctor of Philosophy and Agrégé of Higher Education in Philosophy. [+]

The main objective of the Faculty of Philosophy is to contribute to the training of professional philosophers and to have, as one of the main centers of interest and reflection, man in general and the religious phenomenon of Africa in particular. The program of philosophical training tends to give the student the breadth and vigor of mind necessary for a philosophical and scientific apprehension of African society, thought, wisdom and spirituality.

The faculty thus intends to help its students to enter into dialogue with theologians and other scholars. The beneficiaries of such training are at the service of the Church and the Nation in various sectors of education and for all other national development tasks for which they are trained.... [-]