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The most popular doctorate is the Doctor of Philosophy or Ph.D. Ph.D.s and other study doctorates prepare graduate student to launch new plans that add to the common knowledge base of the field. Candidates for and holders of Ph.D.s often seek professions as professors and researchers, but many also go on to different roles in the charitable, public, and private sectors.

Informatics programs tend to focus heavily on computer programming and statistics of information analysis. They might also go into subjects such as database management and ethics in order to prepare students for a career in the growing data industry.

The people, language, and culture of the Netherlands is referred to as "Dutch". A modern European country today, Netherlands preserved its highly international character and is known for its liberal mentality. The Netherlands has many universities. The country has recently converted their own titles into the bachelor/master system. There are two types of universities: Academic (focussing more on theoretical knowledge, aka "Universiteit") or Applied Sciences (focussing more on practical knowledge, aka "Hogeschool")

Eindhoven is a beautiful city that has numerous esteemed universities such as Technische Universiteit Eindhoven and Fontys University of Applied Sciences. A perfect and safe place to live and study.

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