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Czech Republic
Prague 5
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Faculty of Humanities, Charles University

The Ph.D. Longevity studies produce highly skilled and knowledgeable specialists in research, expertise, and transference of knowledge into practice. On the scientific le ... [+]

Longevity Studies enables a better understanding of the interfaces and challenges of prolongation of human life (longevity). It fosters further understanding and finding of appropriate answers and solutions of theoretical, applied, and ethical contexts of longevity. It reflects not only current demographic changes of the population but also reflects the fact that nowadays people with severe disabilities, chronic illnesses and impairment live longer than ever before, and also that some other specific groups of our population have needs related to longevity. Longevity Studies offers an integrated study on the border of humanities, social, biomedical, and other mainly applied sciences. The study responds to the needs of specialist analyses and solutions to problems related to longevity and demographic changes in society and in various fields of human life and activity.... [-]

Czech Republic Prague 5
October 2019
4 years
Online & Campus Combined