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A PhD or Doctor of Philosophy is a postgraduate academic degree awarded by universities. Once one attains a PhD he or she may often be referred to as a doctor.

Management PhD is a doctorate similar to a PhD in business. It is considered to be the highest possible degree that can be awarded in business. It is a program designed to help those practicing in the field with a quest for research and professional teaching as far as management is concerned worldwide.

Like many other EU countries, Poland offers inexpensive or even free tuition to EU students. Prospective students should apply directly to their chosen Polish institution. The University of Warsaw, for example, charges between £1,300 and £2,500 per year for its English language courses.

Warsaw the capital and the largest city of Poland is believed to be a major tourist attraction, economic hub and educational center. The city is loaded with natural beauty and is an ideal educational hub for nature lovers. It also has institutions that offer degrees in varied areas of higher education.

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4-year Ph.D. in Management

Kozminski University
Campus Full time 4 - 4 years October 2017 Poland Warsaw

A Ph.D. degree is useful in any field. It is highly esteemed e.g. in financial-assurance sector, in public administration, in politics, or in consulting. A doctoral degree proves highest intellectual abilities of its holder. It is a kind of intellectual nobility and is a sign of belonging to certain elite. It is also a scholarly degree widely recognized on the international market. [+]

Doctorate Studies in Management in Warsaw in Poland. Why choose a Ph.D. at Kozminski? Kozminski is a school with a view and with a vision. Ph.D. candidates enter a diverse environment for creative leadership that challenges their minds and hearts to create a better world. Kozminski is a leader in terms of addressing ethics, sustainability and corporate social responsibility, while exploring philosophical and artistic aspects of managing and leading. Creativity and innovation are at the very heart of Kozminski University Ph.D. programme. We offer you: • Internationally acclaimed faculty; • A challenging, creative and supportive environment for exploring issues that matter to you; • An atmosphere of collegiality and inspiration; • Engagement at deep levels of research, knowledge creation, questioning and reflection. Kozminski Ph.D. academic objectives We expect that the students completing the Ph.D. programme will be able to: • analyse and formulate relevant research questions, that aim at making significant contributions to their field of research; • conceptualise and implement with rigor research designs and methodologies that allow to contribute to expand the frontiers of knowledge in their research field; • effectively and clearly communicate orally and in writing, participate in international conferences, collaborate in international research groups and publish in top journals; • be able to hold positions in leading academic and research institutions, lead research, development and innovation projects in various organizations outside of academia. Who should enroll in the Ph.D. programme? We are looking for candidates - early stage research professionals - that have a passion... [-]

Doctor Of Management

University of Warsaw, Faculty of Management
Campus Full time 3 years October 2017 Poland Warsaw

Doctoral programs (the so-called. daily) at the Faculty of Management conducted since the inception of the Department, and in 1995 were launched so. Extramural Studies PhD, also involving foreigners. [+]

Doctor of Management Doctoral programs (the so-called. daily) at the Faculty of Management conducted since the inception of the Department, and in 1995 were launched so. Extramural Studies PhD, also involving foreigners. PhD studies at the Faculty of Management operate in accordance with the Regulations of Doctoral Studies faculty. PhD students at the Faculty of Management actively involved in the teaching process and take an active part in the scientific life of the Faculty. Doctoral students not only participate in conferences and scientific seminars organized at the Faculty, but also organized by other scientific institutions in the country and abroad. Some of the graduate students involved in the implementation of KBN grants, which will undoubtedly help them to conduct research related to the doctoral dissertation. Faculty of Management are also implemented grants supervised projects. Extramural Doctoral Studies are paid. The cost of one year of studies is: 6800 zł (payment for the whole year in advance), 7000 zł (payment in two installments), 7300 zł (payment in eight installments).... [-]