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Materials Science

A PhD or Doctor of Philosophy is a postgraduate academic degree awarded by universities. Once one attains a PhD he or she may often be referred to as a doctor.

By focusing on research and development, materials science is able to provide new materials for use in industries. Materials science relies on several scientific and engineering departments to work together to problem-solve for the future.

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PhD in Materials Engineering (Technological Sciences)

Kaunas University of Technology
Campus Full time 4 years September 2019 Lithuania Kaunas

The PhD programme in Materials Engineering aims to prepare the best-qualified specialists – scientists, who are able to individually conduct the works of scientific research and experimental development, and contribute to solving of relevant scientific problems of material engineering. [+]

Double degree programme with partners of Physics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials Network.

According to the classification of scientific fields, the concept of material engineering involves all works in the field of material science and material technologies. It is quite a wide totality of scientific problems, involving various issues of the research of materials aiming to improve the present properties of materials, create new materials and obtain information about properties of materials that have not been researched yet (the issues of materials science), as well as works of technological nature aiming to create more efficient methods for production of materials (it is an object of technology). Thus, material engineering can be comprehended as the area involving two inevitably related components: fundamental scientific research and practical engineering.... [-]