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Materials Science

A PhD, also known as a Doctor of Philosophy degree, is a doctorate awarded by a university to the academic who has met all necessary qualifications and can now be considered a doctor in his or her academic field.

The field of materials science combines disciplines, including engineering, chemistry, biochemistry and other technologies, in order to research and develop new materials for use in manufacturing. This growing field prepares students to work towards solving problems on a global scale as natural resources become threatened.

Slovakia or Slovak Republic (Slovak: Slovensko or Slovensk√° republika, both names are officially recognized), is a landlocked country in Central Europe. Slovakia is a member of the European Union so if you are a citizen of another member state, you can legally reside and work in Slovakia without restrictions. Comenius Univerzity is the oldest existing Slovak university, in Bratislava.

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PhD in Progressive Materials and Material Design

Slovak Academy of Sciences, Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics
Campus Full time Part time 4 - 5 years September 2018 Slovakia Bratislava + 1 more

Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics is an external educational institution for doctoral (Ph.D.) study in study programme: Progressive materials and material design, study field 5.2.26 Materials (in cooperation with the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Faculty of material science and technology in Trnava) [+]

Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics Slovak Academy of Sciences belongs to a group of institutions founded by the Slovak Academy of Sciences. It has been founded in 1980 as a result of the fusion of the Institute of Metallic Materials SAS (founded in 1953) and the Institute of Machine Mechanics SAS (founded in 1956).

Mission and vision

Mankind permanently dreams the dream of faster, lighter and more energy efficient devices that would make life easier or simply be more environmentally friendly. One necessary thing for the fulfillment of this dream is the development of new materials.

The mission of the Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics SAS is the research and development of new advanced materials based on non-ferrous metals and solving of wide range of related issues - from the development of special technology of new materials, through exploring and characterizing their internal structure, to the analytical and numerical modeling a simulation of the properties.... [-]