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A Doctor of Philosophy degree, short Ph.D is an advanced academic degree earned in various fields, signifying major interests and accomplishments in research.

The subject of mathematics is often paired up with other subjects such as education, statistics, finance, and computer science. This pairing can give added value in the teaching, computer programming, and financial forecasting and planning fields.

Poland, officially the Republic of Poland, is a country in Central Europe. With a population of 38 million people, Poland is the 6th most populous country in the EU. EU/EEA students do not need a visa to study in Poland. The cost of living in Poland is among the lowest in the European Union.

Top Doctoral Programs in Mathematics in Poland 2018/2019

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Interdisciplinary PhD in Mathematical Modelling (IDSMM)

University of Gdansk
Campus October 2018 Poland Gdańsk

An Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Mathematical Modelling (IDSMM). [+]

Director of the doctoral studies: dr hab. Jarosław Pykacz, prof. UG Faculty of Mathematics, Physics, and Informatics

Web page of the Faculty:

Contact Dziekanat Wydziału Matematyki, Fizyki i Informatykiul. Wita Stwosza 57 tel.: +48 58 523 20 27 e-mail: [-]