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The PhD is a doctoral degree, specifically called a "doctor of philosophy" degree. This is misleading because PhD holders are not necessarily philosophers (unless they earned their degree in philosophy!). That said, PhD recipients are able to engage in thought experiments, reason about problems, and solve problems in sophisticated ways.

Czech Republic has a well-established and research based university education. This has made learning ini Prague one of the respected curriculum's in Europe since it cultivates the spirit of creativity and innovation among students.

This is the largest city in Czech Republic, and it's one of the most important research and education centres. The many education institutions located here ensures students both local and international have a wide choice of programmes to engage in during their stay. Education is impacting this city very positively in terms of social-economic growth.

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PhD in Musicology

Charles University Faculty of Arts
Campus 3 years September 2017 Czech Republic Prague

The individually designed attestation system of the doctoral programme provides graduates with an insight into the current state of research and methodology of the subject, especially in the field of the selected topic and closely related disciplines. [+]

Part time Doctorate Degrees in Music in Prague in Czech Republic. The language of instruction is English. Musicology is a fee-paying programme; the annual study fee is 70 000 CZK. Description of the entrance examination and evaluation criteria entrance examination: one-round examination, interview discussion on the dissertation proposal (discussion on the dissertation topic and assessment of the applicant’s aptitude): 0–30 points; assessment of the previous studies and professional activities of the applicant: 0–15 points, examination of subject-related literature (based on the applicant’s reading list): 0–15 points. Doctoral study program of musicology is open to master graduates in the field of musicology from foreign universities. Candidates are required to make the members of the examining body acquainted with their prior professional career, subject(s) of previous study, practical field experience and publishing activities to date, if applicable. Candidates are obliged to submit a written proposal of their future dissertation project. The proposal will serve as the basis for an academic discussion aimed at examining both the candidates’ familiarity with the essential theoretical foundations of the discipline and their knowledge of topics related to the proposed dissertation project. Candidates should demonstrate elementary passive knowledge of the Czech language. In order to read academic literature and to study sources written in Czech they will be encouraged to improve their Czech language proficiency in the course of their studies. Suggested PhD topics must be consulted beforehand with the Chair of the Programme Board. Conditions for admission The applicant is admitted if he/she obtains a minimum... [-]

PhD in Musical Theory and Education

Charles University Faculty of Education
Campus Part time 4 years September 2017 Czech Republic Prague

Graduates are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills in the chosen field so that he could participate in the implementation of the increased demands on the preparation of future teachers of music education. [+]

Characteristics of the Studies The specialization of Music Theory and Education is based on the selection and synthesis of the musicological and musical educational disciplines, allowing a balanced preparation of highly qualified experts in terms of research and teaching. In accordance with a broad spectrum of musical pedagogy, the specialization follows the scope of the study corresponding to the target: preparation of specialists in the area of research of general music education, vocational training and other activities requiring such a specialization. Description of the entrance examination and evaluation criteria Entrance Examination Specifications of admission requirements: Applicants hand in a written project (including bibliography) up to 10 pages on the candidate´s selected vocational topic together with the application form to the Department of Science of the Faculty of Education, Charles University. It is expected that the project has its own ideas and proves to have skills for scientific work. The project should include the characteristics of the research problem, the basic idea of the goals and structure of the issue and the methods in theoretical research and professional literature. Evaluation Criteria: The applicant can get a maximum of ten points, the number of points for the admission to study is getting at least seven points. Conditions for admission Candidates are admitted to study if they meet all admission requirements: a) to deliver a certified copy of completion of Master’s degree programme, b) to pass an entrance examination, reach minimum number of point determined by the Dean, c) to meet any other... [-]