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Peru has been drawing tourists from all over the world, and more and more students are choosing Peru for postgraduate education. There is something for everyone in Peru, including ancient ruins, snow-peaked mountains, sand dunes, volcanoes, museums, gorgeous coastline, dynamic cities, excellent food, and a culture with myriad of influences. A PhD in Peru can prove to be a truly enjoyable and enlightening experience.

PhD in Peru programs are designed for students interested in pursuing careers in academia, research, or industry. PhD in Peru programs require students to have the necessary education, experience, and prerequisites specific to each program, as well as the skills and competence to think critically and independently. Students pursuing a PhD in Peru will, under the supervision of expert faculty, conduct research on a specialized topic within the field and successfully complete and defend a dissertation.

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Program Management Skills

ADEN campus Lima
Campus Full time 100 hours March 2018 Peru Lima

The challenge of leading [+]

The challenge of leading


Develop skills to be an effective coach of the members of his team, to be true developers of human talent in companies. Understand your role as manager of human talent and not as human resource manager. Learn to create a real collaborative work that promotes shared decision making and achieving team to reach high performance, even in virtual environments. Develop effective communication, reaching communicative intelligence, yet their work and personal environment, discovering their own emotional intelligence. Improve negotiating skills, which will enable to establish win-win relationships with their environment, as well as tools to address unequal negotiations in globalized environments. Get effective tools for the management and resolution of conflicts within organizations, allowing making more effective and consensual decisions that optimize relationships and results in parallel. ... [-]