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Brunei Darussalam is one of the smallest countries in the world, but despite the tiny size, it has so much to offer those who choose a postgraduate education in this interesting country. It is a hidden gem with underground riches including one of the largest oil fields in Southeast Asia. Students that choose a PhD in Brunei Darussalam can explore the rainforests, gorgeous mosques, and charming water villages. 

Students pursuing a PhD in Brunei Darussalam will experience a challenging program that requires competence, creativity, and independent thinking. PhD in Brunei Darussalam programs are generally comprised of coursework as well as research, but may also require teaching, seminars, and other responsibilities. Students will conduct independent research under the supervision of faculty, and research must lead to a thesis or dissertation that significantly contributes to the field of study. A PhD in Brunei Darussalam can lead to careers in academia or industry, in the Southeast Asian region or globally.

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