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Psychology has many practical applications outside of academic research, including uses in therapy, education, business and many other fields. Some psychologists work with legal professionals to understand and predict criminal behavior; others help businesses run more effectively by studying employee interactions with each other and their work environment.

Top Doctoral Programs in Psychology in Mexico 2019

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Universidad Autonoma de Aguascalientes

The doctorate is addressed to graduates in Psychology, who have a Masters in Psychology or a related discipline: Sociology, Education Sciences, Anthropology, Social Work, ... [+]

The Public Universities of the Center-West Region of ANUIES, agreed to promote the creation of the Interinstitutional Doctorate in Psychology, a quality program whose main purpose is to meet the specific needs of the region, through the training of researchers of the highest level in a framework of flexibility, following the policies of the National Association of Universities and Institutions of Higher Education (ANUIES) and complying with the quality indicators indicated by the National Council of Science and Technology (Conacyt) through the National Program of Postgraduate Quality (PNPC).

The DIP is an inter-institutional postgraduate program that has the advantage of combining the human and material resources that each of the Institutions possess separately, to integrate a teachers' plant that has all the material resources, sufficient infrastructure and equipment, for the full development of training and research activities at the regional level, thus constituting an alternative for training high-level personnel, optimizing available material and human resources.... [-]

Mexico Aguascalientes
July 2020
3 years
Universidad de Sonora

General Objective: To train researchers who are capable of designing and directing original projects and research groups that address regional, national and global social ... [+]

Name of the program: Doctorate in Psychology DGP Code: 231601 Normal period to graduate: 6 semesters Credits: 210 Degree that confers: Doctor in Psychology Campus where it is offered: Hermosillo

Program descriptionGeneral purpose

To train researchers who are capable of designing and directing original projects and research groups that address regional, national and global social problems.

Specific objectivesDevelop skills and competences for the design, evaluation and conduct of original psychological research projects.Develop the competence to create psychological constructs that are used in the investigation of current, novel or emerging social problems.Generate in the graduates the competences for the training of human resources (researchers and evaluators) in the area of behavioral sciences.To train individuals capable of evaluating projects and strategies based on psychological research, aimed at solving real problems in regional and national environments.What Will Your Competencies Be When You Finish The Program?Egress Profile... [-]
Mexico Hermosillo
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4 years