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A PhD in Public Administration will further qualify the candidate to contribute to the development and establishment of enhanced government systems. The management of public programs, analysis of the programs themselves with openness to alternatives, and the evaluation of officials and public servants are some areas a PhD in Public Administration candidate may encounter. During the time a candidate works toward a PhD in Public Administration, they will deepen their understanding of fundamental topics like Public Personnel Management, Policy Development and Analysis, Budgeting, Ethics and Accountability.

During the minimum of 3-4 years spent completing a PhD in Public Administration, candidates will engage their host university in several meaningful and valuable ways. These may include co-authorship of academic papers, giving lectures and contributing to the administration, or teaching of undergraduate courses. Candidates will also conduct extensive research which results in a dissertation.

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Doctorate In Public Administration

University of Nicosia
Campus Full time Part time 3 - 8 years September 2018 Cyprus Nicosia + 1 more

The University of Nicosia offers Doctoral Programme in Public Administration leading to Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Public Administration. [+]

Duration of study (years): 3 years Title of studies: Doctoral degree in Public Administration Level of Title: Doctoral Degree (3rd Cycle of Studies) Teaching language: The doctoral candidate has the option of writing his thesis and examining it either in Greek or in English Study Mode: Full-time / Part-time Minimum Credit Units: 90 Minimum European Credit Units (ECTS): 180 Program Description

The University of Nicosia offers Doctoral Programme in Public Administration leading to Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Public Administration.

The program is designed to provide scientific knowledge at the highest academic level and prepare students for careers in the field of higher learning, scientific research and public administration (Public Service, Semi-Government Organisations, Local Government (Municipalities and Communities), Public Organizations and Agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations). The aim of the doctoral program in Public Administration is to produce scientists who will conduct cutting-edge research, propose innovative and practicable solutions and conquer leading positions in the field of public administration. The program directs students to use the most modern methods of multidisciplinary research into the production and application of knowledge in theoretical and practical level.... [-]