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A PhD, also known as a Doctor of Philosophy degree, is a doctorate awarded by a university to the academic who has met all necessary qualifications and can now be considered a doctor in his or her academic field.

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Aston American University

Graduates of the AAUN Doctor of Business Administration program will be prepared to: 1) Evaluate business theory and practice from an international perspective. 2) Formul ... [+]

Aston American University is looking for doctoral candidates with innovative and original ideas, students who want to bring to the table a new perception of their field of interest and to enhance the world with their new perspective.

The Doctoral (DBA) program is a rigorous academic program reflecting independent mastery of a specialized field of knowledge and the successful pursuits of original research. Efforts require academic discipline together with a significant commitment of time and effort. It involves highly focused study in a particular area of interest and culminates in the research efforts of original work. Aston American University offers online doctoral programs that are flexible and convenient, allowing students to work toward their degree from anywhere and any time. As students work to progress their professional goals, one of Aston American University’s highly qualified docatoral mentors will assist each student with an individualized and personalized experience.... [-]

USA Honolulu
Open Enrollment
18 - 24 months
Universidade da Coruña

The Doctoral Program in Statistics and Operational Research is an official interuniversity degree offered jointly by the three public universities of Galicia. Its objecti ... [+]


The Programme Doctorate in Statistics and Operational Research Is an official interuniversity degree jointly offered by the three public universities of Galicia. Its objective is to train researchers in the area of ​​statistics and operational research, so that they are able to carry out a doctoral thesis and develop a later academic or professional career in that scientific field.

Why study the degree

Decision-making in today's world, where large masses of data are available, makes it necessary to use statistical tools and increasingly sophisticated mathematics, which must be developed by experts such as those in this doctoral program .

What is learned

Statistical techniques, optimization techniques, mathematical techniques to aid decision making.... [-]

Spain A Coruña
September 2019
3 - 5 years