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While a master’s degree imparts a great deal about a particular subject, a Doctor of Philosophy program offers the opportunity for a student to conduct original research. Ultimately, each student usually chooses a thesis and writes an involved thesis paper on the topic.

What is a PhD in School Counseling? Professionals may opt to move onto a doctoral degree to further their knowledge about how best to help pupils at all levels of schooling. Students in this field might take courses in specialized areas of counseling such as grief therapy or curriculum coaching. There may also be an emphasis on managing, and these students study teaching and various aspects of counselor management during the course of their program.

While preparing for their PhD, participants gain skills in research and writing that are instrumental in creating thoughtful scholarly work in the future. Perhaps most importantly, graduates of these programs are trained in supervising student counselors applicable in various managerial roles.  

Educational costs can be an important factor in the selection of a college or university. Students should always take the time to research the requirements of any program to ensure it fits within their schedule and economic means.

Upon graduation, a large percentage of people begin a role in either teaching or managing student counselors. Professorships are a wonderful opportunity to pass on skills and help hone the next generation of counselors. Some graduates choose to become researchers, focusing on establishing best practices and new theories in the field of counseling. Some may remain school counselors while developing their research, and others might work as analysts or developers in think-tanks or university curriculum departments.

Students who dream of furthering their career in school counseling may find a PhD is the natural next step. Local and online institutions may allow almost anyone to pursue their degree. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University’s Doctor of Philosophy in Counselor Education and Supervision provides the opportunity for learners to demonstrate their God-given purpose in teac ... [+]

Grand Canyon University’s Doctor of Philosophy in Counselor Education and Supervision provides the opportunity for learners to demonstrate their God-given purpose in teaching counseling students and supervising clinical counselors. Learners will also engage in psychological research generating the knowledge and skills to become expert practitioners in academic or clinical environments.

This PhD program focuses on the areas of counseling, teaching, counselor supervision, leadership and advocacy, scholarship and statistics and research. The College of Doctoral Studies developed this PhD in counselor education in response to the increasing number of masters level counselors in the field and need for PhD graduates to teach at the master’s level. Doctoral students will cultivate the skills to supervise, educate and lead these mental health providers in improving their practice and health care outcomes.... [-]

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September 2019