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A PhD is a prestigious degree presented for completing a program of intense academic study. It often takes four to six years to complete; however, the length of every program is different. Universities usually require PhD candidates to do research, take courses and exams, present a dissertation and be confirmed by a group of appointed experts in the candidate’s chosen academic field.

What is a PhD in Transportation Management? The field of transportation management deals with the logistics involved in the conveyance of people or items from one location to another. Whether it’s a commuter train network or a large-scale shipment of goods, transportation logistics must demonstrate safety, efficiency and timeliness. A PhD program in transportation management may require heavy research in statistics, mathematics and quantitative reasoning. Typical courses in these programs often cover transportation science, traffic analysis, transportation systems economics, urban planning, civil engineering and transportation policy analysis. Students might also do work with TMS (transportation management system) software. Additional courses may explore travel demand analysis, artificial intelligence in transportation, geographic information systems and social science. Some programs have students complete a replication project in which they must reproduce findings published in a reputable journal of transportation.

The abilities acquired in a PhD program for transportation management benefit a number of other occupations. Students can learn optimum skills for negotiating and communicating. They can also sharpen their analytical and reasoning abilities, as well as the ability to remain focused on solutions.

Different universities in countries all over the world offer programs that differ in length and cost. For specifics, contact the individual schools that offer programs you are interested in.

Careers for successful PhD candidates in transportation management can be found in multiple industries. Individuals with a PhD in Transportation Management may be able to secure consultant jobs with companies seeking logistical help. Some industries that seek out logistics consultants are construction, government, food supply, passenger transportation services and international trade.

Many PhD students have been able to find options for online studies in transportation management. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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University of Johannesburg

The student should develop intellectual and specialized competencies and practical skills in the acquisition, interpretation, understanding, analysis, and application of ... [+]

The student should develop intellectual and specialized competencies and practical skills in the acquisition, interpretation, understanding, analysis, and application of transport economics, management, and regulatory principles. The student should develop research, writing and creative thinking skills in the transport economics field. The student should be able to take strategic decisions in the context of the transport sector and to analyze and assess any internal or external decision impacting on this sector.

The student should also be able to reflect on his/her managerial decisions and applications to analyze and assess the effect thereof in the holistic context of transport economics, management, and regulation. The thesis should constitute a reflection of knowledge and insight into the transport economics field.... [-]

South Africa Johannesburg
February 2020
2 - 4 years