Phd in Applied Informatics


Program Description

A graduate of the Applied informatics study program:

  • acquires university education in the third degree (doctoral) in the field of applied informatics,
  • knows the scientific methods of research and development in the field of applied informatics with a focus on methods and means to draft informatic solutions to problems,
  • learns the principles of individual work, teamwork and project management, scientific formulation of a problem, economic, legal and environmental aspects of new solutions, ethical and social aspects of scientific work, presentation of results,
  • will understand the applied informatics for his respective field of application,
  • will be ready to build scientific perspective in a variety of fields of applied informatics and for a direct entry into the trade market,
  • will find application as a member of a creative team, or it’s leader, in any field, where knowledge of applied informatics is required.

Admission Requirements

The basic requirement for admission to doctoral studies is the completion of the second level study program. Graduates of the courses under the older rules also comply with this condition. Completing the study program composed of the first and second level is considered as completing the second level.

The professional competence of those who apply for the doctoral study is evaluated on the basis of their results from the previous studies, the admission exam, and the health status of the applicant, which is documented by the applicant's doctor.

The process of an application form posting

1) Applicants can apply for studies in two ways:

  • electronically


  • by sending the filled-in paper application form without entering the electronic application.

2) e-application - duly filled-in application is to be printed, signed by an applicant and sent via post to the relevant study department together with other required documents.

The electronic application system will guide the applicant in process of submitting his/her application.

3) by mailing an application form along with the enclosures and the copy of fee receipt to the address:

Študijné oddelenie

FIIT STU v Bratislave

Ilkovičova 2

842 16 Bratislava 4

Slovenská Republika

Doctoral thesis

Applicant fills a topic of the doctoral thesis he/she is interested in and a name of supervisor in the Application Form.

Documents required

Applicant has to sen the filled application form and these required documents:

  1. a letter of motivation
  2. a draft of the thesis (1-2 pages)
  3. an official transcript of the university diploma, certificate of state examination and certificates of other achievements
  4. a list of the graduate courses within the university studies including study results (grades and individual achievements confirmed by the faculty) or the official transcript of supplement to the diploma
  5. a curriculum vitae
  6. a list of published and unpublished works, with expertise (if they were elaborated) and list of other research and artistic activities results

The applicant also encloses a copy of fee receipt.

Documents attached to application form will be kept at the Academic Department of the faculty and not be sent back.

Admission fee

50 € - for study in the English language

Entrance exam

The entrance exam is written and oral.

For students from abroad are the same professional requirements as for domestic students.

Doctoral candidates demonstrate knowledge of the relevant field of study in the admission procedure. They also present the dissertation project thesis in the context of achieving knowledge.

The candidate receives the updated information of the entrance examination along with an invitation to the entrance exam. Each doctoral candidate will be notified in writing of the date and place of the entrance exam.

Last updated Apr 2019

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The Institute of Informatics, Slovak Academy of Sciences is the accredited external educational institution for postgraduate doctoral studies in the study program “Applied informatics” 9.2.9 (the ag ... Read More

The Institute of Informatics, Slovak Academy of Sciences is the accredited external educational institution for postgraduate doctoral studies in the study program “Applied informatics” 9.2.9 (the agreement with FIIT STU). As part of the study program, students will be involved in research in the area of artificial intelligence, data science, deep learning, deep neural networks, speech recognition, natural language processing, and more. Among the other research activities of the institute belong also swarm robotics, bio-inspired optimization methods and algorithms, computer vision and signal processing. Read less