How to Do a PhD After A Tech Education
August 14, 2017

If you have a technical degree or career certificate and want to switch paths to earn a PhD, follow these four strategies. Bottom line?  Find a mentor, do your homework, weigh your options, and make the decision that suits you best.  Let’s take a closer look.

How to Write a Great Acceptance Letter
August 2, 2017
Applied to grad school?  Received acceptances?  Made your decision?  Excellent.  Before you pack up and head out, make sure you write a brilliant acceptance letter to your program.  Don’t know how? For starters, keep it short and sweet.  Learn other tips for writi...

How Can International Students Pay for Grad School?
July 17, 2017
With the rising costs of graduate school, applying is not the only daunting part of the application process.  Figuring out how you’re going to pay for it can be just as intimidating.  Don’t worry—if you’re an international student looking to attend graduate school, ...

Five Reasons to Think About Writing a Book in Graduate School
July 3, 2017
The mere title of this article may have just made you do a double-take. After all, the thought of adding the task of writing a book to your graduate student research and writing commitments may seem laughable. However, delve deeper and you might discover it actually makes a good bit of sense. Read o...

What Are The Best Countries For Scientists?
June 5, 2017
In case you missed it, President Trump announce that the US will be pulling out of the Paris Agreement, the world's foremost strategy for combating global climate change.  And while many world leaders expressed their disappointment at the move, France's new president, Emmanuel Macron, responded...

Four Reasons Why Athletes and PhDs are a Perfect Fit
May 22, 2017
Upper-level academics and extreme athletes are often grouped into separate stereotypes, but the reality is that many people are uniquely suited for both. Read on for a roundup of four reasons why athletes and PhDs make smart sense.

5 Ways to Finish Grad School Debt-Free
May 8, 2017
Student loan debt is the second highest form of debt in the US, with mortgages in the number one spot.  With so many students and so much debt, it’s no wonder that students want ways to finish their programs debt-free.  Let’s take a look at 5 ways to finish grad school debt fre...

Five Inspiring Research Heroes
April 24, 2017
Superman. Batman. Wonder Woman. Aquaman. The Flash. These are usually the names that first come to mind when children hear the word “hero.” But as we grow older, we realize that heroes also walk among us in the form of firefighters, police officers, EMT’s and other first responders...

Why PhD Students Need To Be Widely Read (And How to Pull It Off)
April 7, 2017
If you’re like most graduate students, you may already be buried in so much reading in your field that there mere thought of exploring sources and topics outside of your research seems laughable. But the truth is that exposing yourself to a breadth and depth of ideas is a critical imperative f...

How to Co-Author a Research Paper
March 28, 2017
Want to get in on the academic research paper?  Co-author one.  Remember: the work of the research is sometimes just as difficult as the writing of the paper.  It doesn’t have to be, though.  Follow these five steps and you’ll be well on your way to co-authoring a res...


August 10, 2017

To ensure superior quality of PhD graduates from Kenya’s universities, the Kenyan government has issued new curriculum rules.  Learn more a...

July 28, 2017

Three Dutch universities of technology have joined forces to help finance projects deriving from their own R&D programs. What are they hoping to a...

July 13, 2017

Are you a graduate student looking for an opportunity to pursue a PhD in Canada?  Consider the Vanier Graduate Scholarship.  Let’s tak...