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4 Fields of Study to Boost Literacy

In order to find success in today’s world, one must have a strong grasp of language. People who can read and write well may find it easier to navigate life, whereas those who struggle in those areas might find themselves being left behind. According to, at least “16 percent of American adults are functionally illiterate, and a whopping 25 percent have low literacy skills.” Reading especially is a highly valued, but often left-behind skill in light of the many challenges facing students today. Of course, this isn’t always the case, but helping others when it comes to achieving their literacy goals is a worthwhile endeavor. If you’re passionate about promoting literacy, here are four fields of study that you can explore.

Sep 7, 2021
  • Education
4 Fields of Study to Boost Literacy
S.M. Audsley


S. M. Audsley is a freelance writer and poet who lives and works in Vermont, a small but mighty state in the United States. She is an avid outdoor enthusiast and a lover of potlucks.

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