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Best Universities for PHD Programs in Ecuador 2024

Number of institutions: 9
    • Ecuador, Ecuador

    Universidad San Francisco de Quito USFQ is the leading University in Ecuador, ranked #1 in Ecuador and #51 in Latin America by QS World University Rankings. We are an active academic community that looks to educate and develop freethinker, innovative and creative leaders. We are a Liberal Arts, private, non-profit academic institution. USFQ focuses on educating, research, and serving the community through the Liberal Arts philosophy, integrating all the stakeholders of our society. More than 8000 students are the vital axis of Universidad San Francisco de Quito USFQ, with people from all regions and nationalities of Ecuador, alongside international exchange students. USFQ offers more than 4000 academic courses per year and more than 50 majors in the Liberal Arts system.

    • Quito, Ecuador

    This program is only available as a second part of the Dual Degree Program after students. is only available via our highly accredited University...

    • Monterrey, Mexico
    • Buenavista, Mexico
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    This program is only available as a second part of the Dual Degree Program after students. is only available via our highly accredited University...

    • Los Vergeles, Ecuador

    The State University of Milagro, in accordance with the commitment of service to the society of Milagro, the region, and the country shows its institutional potentialities, structured from the basic functions of the University, considered as its essence. Teaching understood as the fundamental action in the exercise of academic life is supported by a human team with training and a vocation to take on the challenge of training human beings with critical awareness and social sense. Research, generator of knowledge and solutions to the country's problems, is evidenced through the development of scientific projects, indexed publications, national and international papers, and scientific journals for its dissemination. The Link with the community understood as the transfer of technology and the application of knowledge in the effective solution to the problems of society.

    • Guayaquil, Ecuador

    The Universidad Tecnológica Empresarial de Guayaquil is dedicated to providing an education of excellence, promoting formative-applied research, and developing leaders in many disciplines. For students who wish to investigate the problematic structures facing the country and the business world, the Universidad Tecnológica Empresarial de Guayaquil offers an unparalleled experience through our lines of research.

    • Loja, Ecuador

    The Private Technical University of Loja was founded by the Ecuadorian Marist Association (AME) on May 3, 1971, and recognized by the Ecuadorian State under Executive Decree 646, published in the official register No. 217 of May 5, 1971, it is constituted as an autonomous legal entity under the protection of the "Modus Vivendi" celebrated between the Holy See and Ecuador, taking into account the norms of the Church in its organization and government. The mentor and first chancellor of the University were the Marist brother Santiago Fernández García and the first rector of the UTPL was the engineer Alejo Valdivieso, who was appointed as the main authority of the University on October 3, 1971. The UTPL is an autonomous institution, with a social and public purpose that imparts, develops research with scientific-administrative freedom, and participates in development plans of the country. It is a pioneer in the modality of distance learning education since 1976, opening the possibility to access a higher education of quality. In 1997, the Diocese of Loja transferred to the Institute of Christ the Redeemer, Missionaries and Ideological Missionaries the leadership of the University so that they could lead it with total autonomy and in keeping with the Idente charism.

    • Valencia, Spain
    • Barcelona, Spain
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    This program is only available as a second part of the Dual Degree Program after students. is only available via our highly accredited University...

    • Brattleboro, USA
    • Washington, DC, USA
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    SIT Graduate Institute offers internationally focused master's degrees, certificates, and professional development programs in the fields of conflict transformation, international education, sustainable development, and TESOL. Since 1964, SIT has been preparing professionals to be successful in intercultural and international environments.

    • Guayaquil, Ecuador

    La Universidad Espíritu Santo (UEES), began its academic activities in 1994 as a private, self-financed, non-profit institution. His spirit of commitment and constant innovation is present in the quality of the service he offers his community.