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Best Universities for PHD Programs in Japan 2024

Number of institutions: 3
    • Inzai, Japan

    We are the premier evangelical university in Japan; the only evangelical institution accredited by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), an accreditation that is recognized around the world. We offer a Bachelor of Arts degree in theology for students in our ACTS program.

    • Bunkyo City, Japan

    Ochanomizu University was founded on November 29, 1875, as Tokyo Women’s Normal School, the first institution of higher education for women in Japan. In the over 143 years since the university has forged a new path in education for women. Even when it was difficult for women to play a major role in the workforce, many graduates of this university were pursuing careers and became strong performers in a variety of fields, including academic research, education, industry, government, and the media.

    • Bunkyo City, Japan
    • Hachioji, Japan

    Takushoku University is an international university with a rich history and tradition that was established in 1900 with a pledge to cultivate global individuals capable of contributing to Asia and the world.